Christmas gifts ideas for cats

Bowls, catnip or catnip and a homemade scratcher are some fun gifts for felines, without spending a lot of money

The cats are curious and intelligent animals who enjoy the bustle of packages and wrapping Christmas presents . Even more so when the tree hides a feline gift. If the tight family budget forces us to tighten our belts during these holidays, here are five Christmas gifts for cats under 22 dollar : a scratching post for the felines, a bowl for water and food , a pot of catnip , a relaxing hairball brush and a bed that satisfies feline nature.

1. Gift for cats: catnip or catnip (6 dollar)

The catnip or catnip wows two out of three cats. This plant, from the mint family, can be a good gift to stimulate the environment of a domestic feline and enhance its physical activity. In addition, the animal will be prevented from eating other plants that can be dangerous, such as the poinsettia.

One option is to get seeds from a pet store and plant them in a pot. Another possibility is to give it to the cat in toys and even in the form of cookies seasoned with this species.

2. Gifts for cats: homemade scratchers or for 12 dollar

Although the cat’s scratching preferences should be considered (do you prefer to use horizontal surfaces or posts?), A scratching post will almost always be welcome. This gift is useful and inexpensive. There are scratchers for cats from just over 12 dollars.

3. Gift for cats from 6 dollar: bowls

The bowls of food and water are important for cats . If the containers you have at home are plastic, Christmas may be a good time to change them. When the material is not of good quality, it is not surprising that it deteriorates and leaves toxic remains in the food.

Some stainless steel or ceramic bowls are healthier and will not leave off flavors in the cat’s water that cause rejection. They can be found very beautiful from just over four euros.

4. Low cost gift for cats: brushes, and brushed!

Brushes are important to brush your cat well: they not only prevent dangerous hairballs, which can clog its intestines, but also offer a pleasant massage.

starting with a brush with soft bristles , in the opposite direction to hair growth, and continuing with a card, with stiffer bristles , from head to tail.

5. Cat beds as a Christmas gift

Happy cats need at least two beds : one high and with a view, and another at ground level with a roof , to provide shelter.

Christmas is a good time to present a new bed to the pussycat. And it will take advantage of it, since it spends more than two-thirds of the day dozing. Another option is to make the cat’s bed at home.

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