Top 10 long-haired Cat Breeds

Top 10 long-haired Cat Breeds
Top 10 long-haired Cat Breeds

We love them for their purrs, their madness, and for their endless supply of hugs. But also for their incredible looks and agility. It must be said that the coat of cats is for a lot in the preferences of each one in terms of cat or kitten to adopt, whether it is purebred or not. 

This is why many people have a preference for red, black, or long-haired cats. But how do you maintain this crazy mane that can sometimes be difficult? 

Maintaining your cat’s coat, the essential steps

There are many elements to the beauty of a cat’s fur. And all the more so for long-haired tomcats, which impose a more intense routine. On the one hand, exterior care is very important, but not only! 

For example, choosing the right kibble for your cat’s breed is also very important, as is paying attention to its general health.

Indeed, in addition to brushing your cat as often as possible – preferably every day -, it is necessary to provide it with a suitable diet that allows it to maintain a silky and shiny coat

If necessary, a bath is sometimes necessary to wash the mane of your dear long-haired feline. To do this, avoid products for humans and choose specialized care for cats.

10 breeds of long-haired cats

1. The Angora

Recognizable with its immaculate white fur, the Angora is of unequaled elegance. We appreciate its cloud-like coat, which has the advantage of not making a lot of knots. A real plus!

2. Norwegian

As its name suggests, this feline’s fur is designed to withstand the very cold temperatures prevailing in its region of origin. In fact, his hair is thick and well supplied, perfect for protecting and nicely dressing this cat with sometimes impressive proportions for a cat!

3. The Himalayan

As much known for their stunning piercing blue eyes as they are for their silky fur, the Himalayan is a cat that needs a lot of attention due to its nervous nature. Likewise, its coat requires continued maintenance due to its fragility.

4. The Persian chinchilla

With a gentle and calm character, the Persian is one of the favorite cat breeds of the French. Its cousin, the Persian chinchilla, has an identical temperament, and has a more generous coat.

5. The Maine Coon

Favorite cat of many people, it is difficult not to crack in front of this ball of fur. Known for being the cat with the largest specimens in the world, the Maine Coon is also very pleasant to live with, gentle and playful.

6. The Ragdoll

Did you know ? Its name comes from the fact that this cat becomes very limp when you take it in the arms! Something to melt us, in addition to its devastating look and its coat that reminds us of that of the Himalayan.

7. The Cymric

Originally from the Isle of Man like the Manx cat – both have the distinction of not having a natural tail – the Cymric is the mid-length haired version of its cousin. Short legs and a smaller head also make it easy to recognize.

8. The sacred of Burma

This cat comes straight from… France! Even if its origin is the subject of a great debate. To differentiate it from the Siamese, just look at the tips of its legs, which remain white.

9. The British longhair

Long-haired version of the British shorthair, this cat hypnotizes us thanks to his round and often very nicely colored eyes. To make us fall even more, its thick fur gives it an air of plush that we love to cuddle!

10. The Siberian

Notice to people with allergies: this hairball (very supplied) is one of the most hypoallergenic cats that we can find. Talkative and curious, the Siberian needs to exert himself, and is not afraid to explore his environment.

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