This is why your cat doesn’t like to be petted

When you adopted a cat, you might have expected hugs and purrs… But every cat is different and, clearly, yours doesn’t appreciate being petted at all. Not even touched to tell the truth. But how to explain it? And is there a way to fix it? 

1. It hurts somewhere

If your cat starts refusing your petting overnight, something is wrong. Indeed, a previously cuddly cat does not suddenly go wild for no reason. It may be suffering from an illness or injury that you did not detect.

The wisest thing is therefore to make an appointment with a veterinarian for a health check-up.

2. It is stressed

Here again, if your cat suddenly changes its behaviour, you have to look for the origin. Perhaps it no longer feels safe in its territory , which makes them anxious and fearful, even aggressive with you.

Is there something that has changed in its environment? A newcomer to the family? Moving ? A renovation? Visit ? The loss of an animal or a family member? If all goes well in health, there is bound to be an explanation.

3. He has a heavy past

A cat that has lived on the streets or with an abusive or indifferent owner will certainly have a harder time dealing with human interactions. If you adopted your cat from a shelter, maybe it has a difficult story behind them that keeps them from being completely comfortable with being touched.

In this case, go gradually and above all do not rush it. Once it trusts you enough (it may take a while), it might change its behaviour around you.

Good to know : you should never, ever force a cat to hug you ! It’s even the best way to scare him away. Likewise, in no case should it be stuffy.

4. You’re doing it wrong

Far be it from us the idea of ​​giving you lessons, but it is possible that if your cat does not appreciate your caresses but accepts those of other people, it is because you do not touch him in a good place. .

Indeed, our feline friends also have their preferences when it comes to petting. Already, always be very gentle in your gestures, including when you approach him. It can blink your eyes gently before touching it. In chat language, it is a friendly signal that allows you to greet your interlocutor.

Then, stroke it in key places: under the chin, on the cheeks, between the ears or at the base of the tail. And when he agrees to let it go, don’t hesitate to congratulate him and reward them with treats.

5. You don’t pick the right time

If you always go to your cat when it is scared or excited, this may be the reason it is sulking your petting. Indeed, our feline friends do not necessarily like to be petted at any time of the day.

So, when a thunderstorm breaks out, is playing, eating, hunting or even defecating, leave your cat in peace. This will prevent him from pushing you away. On the other hand, ask them when it is calm and relaxed.

6. It’s his temperament

While there may be several concrete reasons why a cat doesn’t like cuddles, it’s also possible that it’s just a matter of… personality. Yes, your cat has its own character and if it has never liked the contact, there is little chance that that will change .

However, that is no reason to give it up! Especially since if you think about it, it brings you many other things on a daily basis, whether it is good humour, long discussions if it is a chatterbox or simply a comforting presence. And if you are really in need of affection, go to a shelter to choose a companion a little more cuddly

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