How to change the mind of someone who doesn’t like cats?

Our felines are very solitary animals and sometimes mistakenly considered bad. Thus, it can be difficult to live with someone who does not share the same love of cats as you. So here are some arguments that should help you get rid of misconceptions about cats. 

1/ Cats are ungrateful

Although they may seem independent and interested, these animals have a lot to offer us. In reality, they are more mysterious than ungrateful. However, this distant behavior can sometimes be detrimental to them when the people in front of them cannot really establish a connection with them. However, as with humans, it is possible that the cat does not get along with everyone. It is therefore important not to generalize their attitude.

On the other hand, some will be even more attracted to an individual who does not like cats. Is it to send a message of peace? We can’t really know…

2/ They appreciate solitude

If the person you’re trying to convince doesn’t like them because they find them too “independent” and not very close to people, remind them that you shouldn’t make generalizations. These hairballs can indeed be real glue pots and become even more affectionate and demonstrative than some dogs. However, unlike a dog, a cat will easily be able to take care of itself, but also go for a walk when it wishes.

3/ They are not cuddly

This statement is completely meaningless. It’s true that they will stick with you less than some dog breeds, but many cats are very sociable and outgoing.

If you’re sad or upset, the cat will often try to distract you, whether it’s by meowing, hugging you, or kicking you. Although their actions are more discreet than those of dogs, they are still present.

4/ They kill the birds

Cats are real carnivores. However, you should know that while some have the hunting instinct, this is not the case for all. When this is the case, their preferred prey is then often birds.

This is why it is important to stimulate them sufficiently so that they experience this need for predation as little as possible. In addition, playing with his cat regularly is very good for his morale, his physique, but also for the small animals he would like to hunt. Although it will be difficult to restrict it completely, this time spent with your animal will occupy it and spend it enough to temporarily take away its hunter thoughts.

In addition, it is always possible to install corners for birds high up, in places completely inaccessible to felines. It is also possible to install a well-fenced outdoor park so that your cat can enjoy nature without endangering other animals.

5/ They bite and scratch

This argument is often given by people who don’t really like cats. In reality, it is a matter of patience, listening and understanding. It is true that some of their behaviors can be aggressive, even vexing. However, by accepting their temperament and getting to know them, these acts will be more predictable and less frustrating.

It takes a lot of patience to create a real relationship with an animal. When we take the necessary time, we realize that there are good sides in all cats. You just have to give them the opportunity to be accompanied and in confidence.

Thus, these explanations should allow the person around you who does not like cats to see these animals differently. They have indeed a lot to offer, it is still necessary to give them time and benevolence.

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