5 least intelligent dog breeds

Dogs are fantastic creatures, who make life happy with their love and tenderness. In addition to being the best company we can have, they are characterized by their loyalty, their way of helping us to fight our emotional pains, to be intelligent animals and with a great ability to learn.

However, there are some dogs that cannot count on these last two virtues, which leads to some problems for many of their owners who, not having too much patience, get nervous in front of the lack of obedience of their little friends.

It is worth pointing out that when we talk about intelligence by referring to dogs, we are referring to the ease of being trained by humans.

So we give you a short list of the 5 least intelligent dog breeds.

Less intelligent dog breeds: the Chow Chow

These dogs are originally from China . They are characterized by the robustness of their size and are endowed with a thick hair; in addition, they have a strange dark blue tongue , which differentiates them from other breeds.

The Chow Chow is a very self-centered dog and usually exhibits a particularly mysterious character. According to many experts in the field, this is a very difficult breed to train: the owner will therefore need a steady hand to be obeyed.

In practice, functional intelligence is not the strong point of this breed.


It is undeniable that it is a beautiful dog and that among its main characteristics there is the extreme fidelity towards the owner. These beautiful animals are the opposite of what their snouts might denote: in fact,  although they may seem rude and serious, they are dogs capable of transmitting genuine tenderness.

The problem with these animals lies in their difficulty in understanding us and their indiscipline. In fact, being extremely dependent and slow, it is very difficult for them to obey the orders of the master.

Those who are dedicated to the training and education of dogs, stressed that if you want to get good results with the Bulldogs, it takes time and a lot of patience.


Also originally from China, he is a well known dog for his funny coat and wide eyes. Its greatest virtue is courage, since the specimens of this breed do not flinch even in front of dogs of much greater tonnage.

The drawback lies in the fact that these dogs, in addition to suffering from nose problems, also have a dominant and independent character , characteristics that lead them to make decisions on their own.

It is also a comfort-loving breed, making it nearly impossible to make a Pekingese obey orders that require a lot of movement.


Despite being very beautiful, these dogs can be very difficult for many people to train as puppies. In fact, at this age they are extremely restless and have a bad habit of biting.

This dog, instead of barking , makes a strange sound that resembles a song, which shows that nothing normal can be expected from this eccentric companion.

And no, these dogs can’t even boast of a particular intelligence, in fact they usually focus on anything else while the owner tries to teach them something.

Afghan hound

These dogs are not smart. This means that, despite having various virtues that make them very special, they  also represent a problem when adopting one as a pet. 

While they may sport one of the most beautiful hair in the world, it requires constant care to keep it clean and healthy.

At the same time, getting him to obey any order is an almost impossible challenge even for experts in the field. It will take endless repetitions before he can figure out what you want.

Do not forget!

Dogs are beautiful and spectacular animals, which will improve your life thanks to their presence and their tenderness, so it will always be a privilege to be able to keep one with you.

While there are some breeds that are less intelligent than others, each of them deserves our unconditional love and care.

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