Singapura Cat care: from grooming to breed hygiene

The care of the Singapura cat is everything related to the beauty secrets of this breed, from hygiene to daily grooming.

Today we will talk about the hygiene and in general of the care of the Singapura cat, a breed originally from Singapore, from which the name derives.

One of its main characteristics concerns the size, in fact the Singapura is one of the smallest cats among the feline breeds known to us.

His nature is calm even if it is alternated by moments of hyperactivity, since he has a playful and very sweet but a bit demanding character.

A totally different speech is to be done regarding the care of this cat which is not at all tiring. Let’s see together the care of the Singapura cat and everything related to its hygiene.

Hair care of the Singapura cat

The Singapura cat is a rare feline breed although it is spreading more and more. However, enough is known about this cat to be able to have the right care.

In 2014 the first specimens of the breed arrived in Europe and the Singapura breed was then officially recognized by the FIFè (Fèderation Internazionale Fèline), the international federation that gathers the various feline directors.

As we have previously mentioned, it is a small cat, in fact the female weighs from 1 to 2 kg, while the male from 2 to 3 kg.

It has a sepia-colored coat called sable sepia agouti, the hair is short, close to the body, fine, soft as silk and long on the spine.

The only design allowed is the seal ticked (ie with alternating bands of brown color) and the only color allowed is the seal sepia.

A coat like this, as just described, should be combed once a week, taking advantage as always to take a look at the state of the skin and the possible presence of debris or insects and parasites .

What is the ideal brush for the Singapura?

If you have decided to adopt a Singapura it is essential to learn about how to take care of his body and in particular the coat.

Thanks to the very short hair just a few sporadic brushing with a comb or with a deerskin that helps to restore brightness and softness to the coat.

You will therefore need a few brushes but suitable for the Singapura’s hair, such as:

  • brush for short-haired cats: the brush is made of separate, long, rigid bristles with the tip protected by dots. Its function is to brush the animal thoroughly but being careful not to cause any damage to the cat’s skin;
  • soft bristle brush : made with long, soft and dense bristles. Remove dust and anything else stuck to the cat’s fur.

This breed is ideal for those who don’t want to groom too often as they don’t shed much hair.

Hygiene and cleanliness of the Singapura cat

Like all other cats, the Singapura also spends hours licking its body but cannot do without its human friend to clean some parts that it cannot reach.

For the Singapura it is essential the support and help of his human friend for cleaning and oral hygiene and for the care of ears and nails.

Even a bath can be appropriate in case it gets dirty and can bring some to take advantage and do a flea control, as well as reduce the shedding of hair.

However, it is not necessary to exaggerate, just clean it with dry products or a damp cloth. Currently on the market there are many products for cat care.

Also many valid alternatives that allow not to damage the cat’s skin, thus avoiding any wounds or dermatitis in the cat.

finally, like all cats, even the Singapura must be vaccinated before the immune system is already formed.

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