Raw Chicken for Cats: benefits, risks and recipes

Can raw chicken be given to cats or is it better to avoid this food? Benefits, risks and how to give this food to our pet cat.

Although they have tried in every way to inculcate the tender image of a kitten drinking milk directly from its bowl, things are very different, at least as adults. The cat is a carnivorous animal and mainly needs meat-based foods to sustain itself. Being carnivorous, however, does not mean being exempt from the risks associated with some food, so it is legitimate to ask whether it is appropriate to give raw chicken to the cat.

Raw cat chicken: yes or no?

He is crazy about it and would eat it in industrial quantities, but it is legitimate to ask: is this food bad or does it have benefits on the health of our domestic cat? Before answering this question, let’s see what are the characteristics of this food.

Often included in the diet of us humans, chicken meat is rich in protein and very low in fat: it is no coincidence that it is recommended for athletes and those who want to get fit in the gym. This does not mean that it is not free from risks, often linked to its conservation or even to the breeding of the chicken in question.

Better raw or cooked? In reality, the problems related to cooking this food are the same as when we want to give it to the dog: cooking makes the bones crumbly. If they break they can scratch and tear internal organs, and if they are too small they can easily get stuck in the esophagus and suffocate the cat. So chicken meat is fine with the cat but with a few small preventive moves.

Raw cat chicken: benefits

In addition to being lean, and therefore also suitable for felines that have obesity problems, it is very rich in nutrients: in particular, chicken breast is protein and low in fat. In addition to being easily digested, it also has excellent benefits on the immune system, muscles and bones.

If chicken meat is raw it does not lose its properties, namely vitamins, enzymes and minerals. It is no coincidence that it is included in the Barf diet for cats, one of the most recommended for our pets. Combined with vegetables and other raw foods, raw chicken helps prevent kidney stones and pancreatitis in cats. Let’s not forget the function of raw bones as ‘toothbrushes’, useful for eliminating food residues and maintaining the perfect oral health of the feline.

Raw cat chicken: risks

‘All that glitters is not gold’ also applies to the foods we give to our beloved four-legged friends: even the white meat of chicken can give some problems. In most cases they are related to cat food allergies or intolerances; other risks are linked to the presence of bacteria such as the one responsible for Salmonellosis or Escherichia Coli.

In addition, the chickens that provide these meats can be treated with hormones and antibiotics, which we can find traces of when we feed them to our cat. If they have a relative negative effect on our organism, in the case of the cat, they can be very dangerous. It is best to check the origin of the chicken and its breeding before putting it in the food bowl.

Prevention and recipes

Having established that chicken meat has more benefits than risks on the cat’s health, let’s try to understand if it can cause allergy in our cat. If we want to include it in the cat’s diet for the first time, let’s keep an eye on it and consult our trusted veterinarian first.

As for the preparation of this meat, first of all do not defrost it in the sun but leave it in the refrigerator: in this way it will be less subject to attacks by bacteria and other pathogens.

We pass the meat under cold tap water and then dry it. Then we remove the skin and bone it: the best way to cook it is to boil the meat for at least 20 minutes. We do not use spices, garlic or onion, which are not recommended in recipes for cats with chicken as the main ingredient. Our cat will lick his whiskers and certainly appreciate some slight changes in his usual diet, especially if it is such a greedy food.

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