Is raw meat good for dogs?

The debate on whether to give dogs a diet based on  the BARF diet seems to be endless. Many people wonder if raw meat is good for dogs. Some experts say yes, others are of the diametrically opposite opinion. What’s the truth? We will try to get there in this article.

Differences between the BARF diet and the dry diet

The BARF diet consists of feeding animals with fresh and mostly raw products , including vegetables and fruit. This allows you to avoid having to resort to “processed” dishes, which may contain chemicals and preservatives. Even though they are specially prepared for pets, they are not good for their  health . On the other hand, it is certain that additional chemicals also come into play in the production of fresh food.

Dry feeding is done through feed and processed foods that contain all the nutrients the dog needs. They are designed to strengthen the teeth, bones and joints, as well as the immune, respiratory and other systems.

One of the clearest differences between one diet and another is the timing and type of digestion . The elements of the BARF diet take longer to digest, but the benefits of taking them are manifold. Let’s see some of them in this list:

  • Halitosis prevention.
  • Healthier skin and shiny coat .
  • Strengthening of the immune system.

This diet consists of feeding a living being with natural foods , without compromise: you can’t go wrong. In addition, a diet prepared in this way contains high levels of essential oils for animals, reduces the odor of feces and promotes a better overall functioning of the organism.

But then … Is raw meat good for dogs?

Yes, at least according to recent studies carried out. In fact, the BARF diet consists mainly of raw meat and vegetables . Furthermore, it is believed that this type of diet is not only suitable for dogs, but also for other animals.

However, the number of skeptics continues to be very high. Many people still believe that raw meat is not good for pets. So let’s see the two sides of the coin:

Raw meat is bad for dogs

Those who defend this claim are based on the belief that raw meat can transmit many diseases . This belief stems from the fact that the uncooked pieces may contain bacteria and parasites that could produce canine neosporosis , for example, which is a very dangerous and often lethal disease.

It starts from the fact that raw meat does not contain all the necessary nutrients and therefore an entire diet cannot be based on it. This is true: but for this very reason the BARF diet is highly recommended combining raw meat with vegetables perfectly .

There is also the fear that the dog may be injured by the bones or bones present in raw meat. A fear that leads many to suspect a diet based on uncooked foods.

Raw meat is good for dogs

Now let’s see which points are defended by those who believe it is good to give raw meat to their dog. These people claim that dogs must eat as they did  before human domestication . Being the great-grandchildren of wolves, these animals would have a digestive system designed to metabolize the raw meat of their prey.

An aspect that biology has long demonstrated. However, as we said before, meat alone is not enough to cover a dog’s right food needs. The recommended portions, for a correct diet, include 75% of raw meat and the remaining 25% of vegetables and cereals.

So, the important thing is that, if you decide to give raw meat to your four-legged friend, keep in mind that it will be necessary to  integrate the main dish with ingredients to make the animal’s diet more complete.

It is the responsibility of each owner to take care of the health, hygiene and proper nutrition of a  pet . If you’ve always wondered if raw meat is good for dogs, the answer is yes. But it will be you, and only you, who decide whether to give it to him or not. Always improving and differentiating this ingredient with others, with the aim of feeding your dog in a healthy and balanced way.

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