Can cat eat chicken bone?

Care must be taken when giving the bone to the cat. Here is some useful information to give cat chicken bone without causing problems.

The cat is a carnivorous animal, so it needs meat proteins, but it also needs minerals that are found in meat bones, including chicken bones.

Bone is a very important food for the cat also because thanks to it the feline can clean its teeth, it is useful for the gums and for the plaque. So let’s see below how the cat can eat chicken bone.

Cat chicken bone: raw or cooked

Raw bone for animals has a higher nutritional value than cooked bone, as it contains calcium phosphate, which is very important especially for the cat.

The only way to get the cat to take calcium is to make it eat the bones, as the cat cannot drink milk, which as we all know is the food by exception that contains calcium. Without calcium, your cat could have arthritis or bone problems.

The raw bones can also be offered to the cat ground, as they also retain mineralscalcium and phosphorus, the nutrients useful to the cat.

It is possible to add chicken bones to your cat’s diet, even if your kitty is on the Barf diet. It is absolutely not recommended to give the cat cooked bones as they can break and cause intestinal and oral problems to the cat.

How to give your cat chicken bones

When offering bones to the cat you have to be very careful, here is a small list of useful tips for giving chicken bone to the cat:

  • The main advice is to give the cat raw and uncooked bone
  • Chicken bones must be given to the cat depending on the size of the cat and its health
  • It is advisable to mince the bones before giving them to the cat
  • It is good to choose bones that are neither too hard nor too long

It is also very important not to give chicken bones to the cat too often, it is advisable once a week. As the bones contain marrow which can be harmful to the feline, for the following reasons:

  • The bone marrow can cause diarrhea in cats, especially if they have a sensitive stomach.
  • The bone marrow contains calories which, added to the others in the cat’s diet, can cause obesity in the cat.

For these reasons it is very important to give small amounts of chicken bone to the feline.

What about turkey bones?

As for turkey bones, it is very difficult to give them to your cat as they are larger and harder to break. It is advisable when you decide to give turkey bones to your cat, whether they are the tips of the wings to be minced, or the part of the neck to be cut into small pieces.

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