Porridge for cats: how to make a fantastic breakfast for cats

Do you follow a healthy porridge diet? Would you like to prepare one for your kitty? Here is the recipe for cat porridge.

Taking care of your kitty means being aware of how important nutrition is for the growth of the feline. Very often those who live with a furry friend tend to wonder if some foods and dishes can be shared with their feline, such as porridge.

Although the cat cannot eat this dish, as it is made up of ingredients that the feline should not eat, it is possible to prepare one made especially for our four-legged friend. We see below the recipe for porridge for cats.

Porridge for cats – a delicious recipe

Most people nowadays are aware of what porridge is, which is a “soup” or “gruel” of oatmeal.

The latter can be cooked in milk or water, and there is both a sweet version, often eaten as the first meal of the day, ie breakfast, and a savory version.

If you too are a porridge lover and are wondering if your little four-legged friend can eat it, the answer is: better to avoid.

This is because most of our beloved felines are lactose intolerant and furthermore, being the oat flakes rich in carbohydrates, cat would hardly be able to digest a human porridge.

However, you can prepare a porridge made just for him for your four-legged friend. Below we will list two types of recipes.

The first recipe can be used for all cats, while the second is more specific for kittens, as one of the ingredients is artificial milk for kittens. But let’s see below how to prepare porridge for cats.

Chicken porridge

This recipe can be offered to any feline, as it contains two simple ingredients that are not harmful to the kitty.

In the recipe we will use meat, however it is possible to replace it with fish, if for example your cat loves salmon. For the quantities it is advisable to refer to the feline’s diet, while the procedure to be followed will always be the same.


  • 150 gr. chicken or turkey breast
  • Water to taste


To make chicken porridge, it is a good idea to fill a saucepan with waterinsert the chicken and cook it. When the latter is tender, then cooked, it is necessary to remove it from the pot and put it in a bowl.

Take some of the cooking water and place it in the bowl with the chicken. After that, wait a few minutes, cut the chicken and blend everything so that it does not become a real porridge for cats. Let it cool and offer it to your Kitty.

Porridge with kitten food

This recipe is made especially for kittens, however if your cat is not intolerant to milk, you can also make him this delicious porridge.


  • 1 cup kitten food (your kitty’s daily food)
  • 1 infant formula for kittens


To prepare this porridge it is advisable to first heat the milk. Then pour the latter over the kitten food and let the mixture rest for a few minutes.

Then we whisk until we get a pap, that is our porridge. We can serve the latter to our four-legged friend both cold and lukewarm.

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