How to make Windows and Balconies safe for Cats

Falls and feline accidents due to unprotected windows and balconies are more frequent and dangerous than you think

Windows and balconies are a very real danger for cats , since they suffer more serious falls and accidents than you think. The risk grows – even more – for puppies: six out of ten serious falls through windows are suffered by felines under one year of age. But losing the cat is not the only problem when there is an unprotected window. Domestic cats suffer from broken bones and jaws, leg damage, tendon fractures and even injuries to internal organs, such as the lungs , veterinarians explain. To avoid this, this article addresses the feline dangers of not securing windows and balconies and explains six ways to protect them for cats .

Windows and balconies: why are they so dangerous for cats?

The felines’ fascination with heights leads many people to think that their furry companions are safe when they lounging on the windowsill or strolling along the terrace railing. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Cat falls from windows are so frequent and dangerous that experts have christened the phenomenon the feline syndrome from great heights.

window poses a serious risk to a cat . The accidents of felines that fall from balconies and open windows are too frequent. We need to educate the adopters that it is necessary to monitor and close the windows when there are animals at home, they explain from the National Association of Friends of Animals . And it is that falls and accidents of cats from unprotected windows and balconies are so common and dangerous that experts have baptized the phenomenon with the name of feline syndrome of great heights .

When the altitude exceeds seven or nine meters (a second floor of a residential building), the danger increases. Bone and jaw breaks, leg damage, tendon ruptures, and even injuries to internal organs, such as the lungs , are just some of the serious injuries a cat is exposed to during a fall.

The risk of falling from windows and balconies is even higher for the smallest felines: six out of ten cats that fall from unprotected windows are less than one year old.

Windows: accidents and falls for cats

Cats have a strong survival instinct that prevents them from jumping from high windows that can pose a danger to them. That is, most of them fall by accident. “Felines have an amazing ability to focus their attention on something that interests them: a bird or an insect can capture so much their attention that it can make them lose their balance and fall.

The little fear that cats show of heights and the fact that many enjoy perching on high places, such as trees and railings, leads many owners to think that their cats are not in danger. But no. A cat can easily grasp surfaces such as the branches of a tree, but other surfaces are more dangerous for them because of the risk of slipping , including window sills, concrete and brick elevations.

But the risk of an unprotected window or balcony does not end here. The losses cats are, again, more common than you think. And the danger grows in summer, when it is easier to be careless and when it is more necessary to take extreme precautions.

6 simple steps to protect your cat from windows

Gratifying the house , adapting it to the needs of the felines, is the way to make a safe home for them. The gatifications must include the security of the windows, that is to say, adapt them in a simple way so that they stop posing a danger to cats.

1. Open windows: jacks out and doors closed

The first step is prevention, that is, avoiding risky situations. To do this, during cleaning sessions at home or when it comes to airing the house, the key is to change the room of the felines and keep them locked up and safe during the process.

2. Secure window enclosures

If there are windows that need to be opened, animal-safe enclosures can be used. The advice is to get them in specialized pet stores, since the closures and safety nets that are sold for babies and children are not the most appropriate for these companions.

3. Fit the window frames well

If you decide to install adjustable screens on the windows, you have to make sure that they are fixed well to their frames, so that they do not fall off with a blow. In any case, it is always advisable to keep an eye on the felines.

4. Close the windows before leaving home

The best way to protect cats is to make sure all windows and doors are properly closed.

5. Watch the felines on the terrace

A balcony is an exhilarating resource for a house cat. However, in order to avoid risks, the furry friend must be watched at all times, while they enjoy the outdoors on the balcony. In addition, the terraces can be protected with meshes and enclosures that will make them safe for the kittens.

6. Cat falls: go to the vet soon

A feline that falls from a balcony or window is at serious risk of injury, injury and breakage. More than 90% of cats that fall from windows and balconies survive, if they receive urgent medical attention , say experts from the University of Zagreb. It is therefore important to go quickly to the vet.

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