Pancytopenia in cats: what is important to know about the rare disease

Pancytopenia in cats, a rare and dangerous condition that is spreading around this time. Let’s try to understand what it consists of and how it manifests itself in the feline.

The feline, like other pets, needs all our care and attention to live well every day and avoid, as far as possible, accidents or fall victim to various ailments or even become seriously ill from a serious illness. Often, there can also be a hand of bad luck and your furry friend finds himself suffering from a disease never felt before. This is the current case of pancytopenia in cats. Let’s find out what it is exactly.

Pancytopenia in cats: what it is and its spread in the UK

It is a pathological condition that has affected a large number of cats in the UK. But what exactly is this strange and complex disease? Let’s read more later.

In recent times, there is much fear of a strange and dangerous disease which is spreading in a large outbreak in the UK and which counts nearly 400 cats, if not more. We are talking about pancytopenia in cats, a complex pathological condition and, for now, inexplicable to all owners of the animal.

This terrible disease has affected countless cats and, apparently, kittens are infected with extreme ease. The toll of felines affected by this disease is very high and, unfortunately, there are many cases of cats that have lost their lives. What is this pancytopenia technically?

It is a disease capable of abruptly decreasing the red and white blood cells and platelets in the feline’s blood, dangerously increasing the risk of leading to death. If pancytopenia is to be described precisely, it involves the simultaneous presence of anemia, thrombocytopenia and neutropenia.

The feline and the rare disease: what are its symptoms

It has been defined as a very painful and excruciating disease for the affected felines and the triggering cause is suspected in a precise factor and presents with some symptoms that should be given a lot of consideration. Let’s see better here in the article.

As the number of cats with pancytopenia increases sharply and incredibly fast, certain batches of cat food, such as treats and tins of salmon and tuna, are beginning to be considered suspicious. According to the analyzes of British veterinarians, the triggering cause would indicate precisely this type of food for the animal.

Considering that it is a very rare pathology, it is necessary to keep an eye on some possible symptoms that can occur in the pet furry. Some of them are also common and, without losing your temper, you should immediately inform your vet for a consultation. The symptoms typical that may indicate the presence of pancytopenia are:

  • General weakness
  • The cat eats too little
  • Poor appetite
  • Respiratory problems in cats
  • White gums
  • Lethargy
  • Wheezing
  • Bleeding from the mouth and / or nose.

All that we know at present is that it is available on – line the list of food items recalled in recent months. If you suspect that you have purchased pet food that may be on the dangerous list, we recommend that you consult it and inquire about the case for future updates.

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