Outdoor games to play with your dog

Playing outdoors with your dog is a great way to have fun with him and take care of him at the same time.

Outdoor games are a way to improve the relationship with your dog and keep him busy in an environment full of distractions such as outdoor spaces. The park, the countryside and the beach are some of the places where we can practice them. An outdoor setting allows us to exercise our dog while having fun with him.

Daily walks on the street are good for maintaining a good habit, but going out into spaces where the dog can run freely are a tool to discharge all his energy.

For example, nature offers dogs a multitude of different smells. For this reason, when the dog has his first contact with it, his arousal level is very high. It is precisely at this moment that we must let the dog smell, recognize the terrain and become familiar with the outdoors.

As owners of a pet, we must respect the time of its “free walk”. The very act of sniffing tires him out as if it were a game. It’s a great way to drain his energy and allow him to behave like a dog does: sniff.

Once we have passed the first sniffing phase, in which the dog is free to sniff, we can start playing with him. Here is a list of outdoor games to have fun with your dog:

Olfactory research

Searching is the olfactory search game par excellence. We can use a ball, any other toy or even some food and let the dog search for it using its sense of smell. We can also make them look for another person who accompanies us or ourselves, as in hide and seek.

Overcoming obstacles

The countryside can be the perfect setting to release their energy. Rocks, tree trunks, crevices… can be used as obstacles to jump. We can also take advantage of the different types of terrain: sand, earth, gravel, water… Being able to cross different areas will give your dog a sense of security and independence.

Outdoor games: Frisbee

The Frisbee is a game outdoors and some dogs are really obsessed. It takes real agility and speed to be able to catch the disc in the air.

Tug of war

You can play both indoors and outdoors. You can play with your dog by pulling on one end or even two dogs can play with each other. In addition, tug-of-war is a game that helps us train the dog, as it exercises him to obey the commands to grab and release. In addition, biting ropes are beneficial for their teeth.

Sports activities with dogs

Other outdoor activities to do with your dog include canicross, bikejoring, and mushing . All of these sports are designed for medium to large, fit dogs. Basically, the animal pulls the person who runs, rides a bicycle or on a sled.

These three traction sports have different modes and competitions. For canicross and bikejoring you need special leashes which you can buy at any specialized pet shop. Towing is an activity that releases a lot of energy and exercises the muscles of dogs . Plus, it’s also a good way to get fit with them.

Swimming between games in the open air

The swimming is very healthy for dogs. The resistance of the water makes swimming a very recommended sport for gaining muscle tone. In fact, it is a very complete sport and, compared to previous sports, it is less aggressive for the muscles and joints. Because in this case, thanks to water, their weight does not rest entirely on the muscles.

Swimming is also highly recommended as a rehabilitation therapy . Obviously, always after a rest period after surgery, although it won’t be easy at first if the dog is reluctant to water. However, there are also  water parks for dogs and beaches that allow their entry.

Play outdoors with other dogs

Dog parks are a good way to socialize your dog. Meeting other animals will teach him how to behave around other dogs . For this reason, good socialization in the puppy stage is very important to avoid adult behavior problems.

Also, playing and interacting with other dogs on a regular basis is a very positive action for your pet’s mental health.

These are some of the many outdoor activities and games that you can enjoy with your pet. Choose the most suitable ones according to the character, size and age of your pet.

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