Nutrition of York Chocolate Cat: food, quantity and frequency of meals

What is the ideal diet for York Chocolate? Here’s what this cat should eat and how much to stay fit.

Planning a healthy and balanced diet for your four-legged friend is essential so that he is always healthy and strong. Let’s find out all the tips and tricks to put into practice so that the power of our York Chocolate is truly perfect.

Nutrition of York Chocolate: doses and frequency of meals

What is the correct daily dose of food to give to my cat?

In general, to find the ideal quantity of wet, you should multiply 40 grams for each kg of body weight of the animal.

The dose of dry food, then, should be calculated by dividing the obtained figure by three.

The best advice, however, is to contact your vet.

In fact, the professional will identify the ideal quantity of baby food for York Chocolate based on a series of factors such as the age, lifestyle and health conditions of the animal.

What to feed the cat

What foods can not miss in the perfect nutrition of York Chocolate?

Being an obligate carnivore, just like any other domestic feline, this cat must take mainly proteins of animal origin.

Green light for meat and fish, such as chicken, rabbit, salmon and tuna. These foods, in fact, contain a series of essential nutrients essential for the well-being of the cat.

These are substances such as thiamin, cobalamin and niacin, which the animal’s body is unable to produce itself, but which it needs for the proper functioning of the immune and nervous systems.

Homemade or industrial nutrition for York Chocolate

Finally, we just have to answer one last question: is a home or industrial diet better for York Chocolate?

In reality, the answer depends on us and our needs. In the first case, we will take care of the preparation of the cat’s meals, from the selection of the ingredients to their cooking.

This mode allows you to identify healthy and quality raw materials.

If not properly planned with the help of the veterinarian, however, this diet carries the risk of food shortages.

Furthermore, a further disadvantage is represented by the fact that it involves a greater expenditure of energy and time.

Industrial nutrition, on the other hand, requires York Chocolate to consume prepackaged foods, purchased directly from the supermarket shelves.

In this case, it is essential to read the nutritional table on the back of the package to check the raw materials and nutritional principles of the food.

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