LaPerm Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

LaPerm Cat appearance, character, care, breeding
LaPerm Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

Curly cat with a tender heart, the Laperm is a curious and affectionate cat. We can not resist the urge to slide our fingers through his wavy fur, and this … for his greatest pleasure! 

The origins of the LaPerm Cat

The first Laperm cat was discovered in 1982 in Oregon, USA. Her name was Curly, which means “curly” in English. Laperm which, precisely, is curly, is the result of a natural genetic mutation, which is not due to human intervention. 

The breed was approved in 1996 and takes its name “Laperm” from “perm”, a way of curling women’s hair. 

Appearance of the LaPerm Cat

The Laperm is medium in size and of the “semi-foreign” type. The head is triangular with rounded contours. The inside of the ears is well furnished and curled, with desired plumes. Both lengths of bristles are allowed. 

Short: the texture is soft and silky, wavy on the back and stomach, with a moderate undercoat. Mid-length: the texture is curly, of fine density, with a heavy undercoat. A collar is accepted in adults.

Coat Color of the LaPerm Cat

All colors are allowed. On the other hand, white spots are not allowed, except on tricolor cats. 

The Character of the LaPerm Cat

The Laperm is not characterized by its legendary curiosity! This cat is indeed a real janitor who likes to be informed of everything. Affectionate, It also likes to stay near its master. It enjoys the company, being cuddled and pampered. 

This cat with such an original coat will be affectionate towards people who know how to take care of them. 

Laperm knows how to show us all the dynamism of which it is capable. Thanks to its muscular paws, it makes leaps and sprints when it pleases it. 

This breed is good company with humans by snuggling up to them when the opportunity and motivation presents itself.

The Laperm can be just as smart as other cats. 

Fearful / suspicious of strangers:
Rather wary if an unknown person suddenly shows up, the Dalles La Perm cat will be able to deal with this fear if you get used to being around many humans at a young age.

It will like to take advantage of a little solitude in order to be able to attend to activities that will please him, such as sleeping or washing. 

Behavior of the LaPerm Cat

Its voice is known to be rather soft but it is not heard very often.

Greedy / gluttonous: Gluttony is not a character trait but rather a possible sign of boredom in the Dalles La Perm cat. It is important to bring diversified occupations to your Laperm if you do not want inactivity to turn into gluttony. 

Need for exercise:
This domestic feline needs a reason to run. Offer them a feather duster and wave it regularly to encourage them to run and jump.

Its natural curiosity can lead them to want to look out the window at what is going on. Be sure to protect your windows with a net or wire mesh to prevent it from jumping or falling off the sill.

Compatibility of the LaPerm Cat

The Laperm and the Dogs:
Dogs and cats can get along very well and live together if they are given time to get used to each other. The cat will need distance, hiding places and heights to isolate themselves whenever it wants. Eventually maybe they will play together!

The Laperm and the Other Cats:
This feline will not be very happy, at first, to see another cat in his home. But, over time, by offering everyone their living space and places to escape and hide, they will end up tolerating each other and who knows, maybe become friends? 

The Laperm and the Children:
Too turbulent children who perpetually seek contact with the Laperm are more likely to drive the cat away than to gain its trust. With education and supervision, a great relationship can be established between them.

The Laperm and the Elderly:
In general, an unruly kitten is not recommended for a calm person. On the other hand, breeders can advise an adult Laperm who will be able to adapt perfectly to the rhythm of this person’s life.

Price of the LaPerm Cat

On average, the purchase price of a Laperm kitten in breeding is between 700 USD and 1500 USD. The price varies according to the lineage of the kitten, the breeding, the age at the time of its acquisition or even the sex. For the monthly budget, it will take an average of 50 USD per month to meet the needs for the purchase of quality bedding and food.

Maintenance of the LaPerm Cat

It is advisable to monitor your ears and clean them according to the recommendations of the attending veterinarian.

Hair loss:
During the moulting season, be sure to brush your Dalles La Perm cat weekly, or even twice a week, depending on the length of its coat.

Food of the LaPerm Cat

A quality diet recommended by your veterinarian is recommended.

Caring of the LaPerm Cat

Despite its curly fur, the Laperm does not require any particular care, apart from a weekly brushing in order to untangle any knots. 

Health of the LaPerm Cat

expectancy : Its life expectancy is between 15 and 20 years .

Resistant / robust:
Its coat and undercoat will offer protection against cold temperatures but less against hot climates.

Tendency to gain weight: 
If it does not get enough activity, he may start to gain weight. It will then be necessary to follow the instructions of your veterinarian and opt for food served in interactive bowls so that he eats more slowly in a much more fun way.

Frequent illnesses:
Laperm can one day develop the same pathologies as any other cat, such as oral pathologies. Some other diseases can appear: 

  • The hypertrophic cardiomyopathy results in a thickening of the heart muscle. By decompensating, this pathology can cause heart failure, which can result in arrhythmias, lung edema, thrombosis of an artery, etc. Screening is carried out by an echocardiography examination, to be repeated in general on an annual basis. Treatment can be administered according to the ultrasound report to improve the cat’s comfort.
  • Pyruvate kinase deficiency is an inherited condition that will cause anemia if the cat is affected. Its life expectancy can be short (one year) or long (ten years), depending on the course of this disease. To find out, a DNA screening test can be done to find out if the cat is a carrier of one or both alleles that can cause the disease. 

There are, on average, 3 kittens per litter. 

The marriages with a Laperm with short or mid-length are authorized by the LOOF

Good to know 

This breed owes its name to the fact that its coat makes us think it has been curled by a perm, like humans do when they want curly hair. At the risk of making people jealous, this cat is born with curly hair, no perm required! 

He will have a total moult once in his life when he finds himself naked, before his fur grows back, just as curly as before! 

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