Ideal Nutrition of the American Bobtail Cat: food, quantity and frequency of meals

Healthy nutrition is essential for the well-being of our American Bobtail: here’s what to feed cats of this breed.

Adopting a four-legged friend is a gesture of great responsibility. It is up to us, in fact, to make sure that the life of our little dog is long and happy. Feeding your cat with healthy, tasty and balanced feed is the first step to ensure that he is always satisfied and healthy. Let’s find out all about the ideal nutrition of the American Bobtail.

Nutrition of the American Bobtail: doses and frequency of meals

How much feed to give to this cat? How often should you feed it? If you are asking yourself these questions but cannot find the answer, continue reading this paragraph to find out more.

The American Bobtail tends not to be an extremely greedy cat. However, it is a breed that tends to accumulate excess weight due to its slowed metabolism.

For this reason, although it is advisable to feed your four-legged friend twice a day, in this case it would be preferable to adopt another strategy.

Which? Feed the cat small snacks throughout the day, dividing its ration into smaller portions.

Naturally, the amount of food to give to the cat is also part of the planning of the ideal feeding of the American Bobtail.

The recommended rations of wet food are 40 grams for each kg of body weight. Thus, a 4-pound kitten should consume 160 grams of baby food every day.

In any case, it is impossible to establish an a priori ideal quantity. In fact, it should be established with the help of the veterinarian, evaluating parameters such as age, lifestyle and state of health of the American Bobtail.

What to feed the American Bobtail

Now that we have seen the frequency with which to feed this cat and the recommended doses, let’s find out which nutrients can not miss in the ideal diet of the American Bobtail.

This cat’s diet should be mainly meat based. The most suitable foods include: beef, chicken, turkey, lamb.

Occasionally, fish such as hake, sea bass, cod and bluefish may be given to the cat.

Additional nutrients that should be part of the American Bobtail’s diet in much smaller percentages are carbohydrates, plant-based proteins and fats.

Also pay attention to an adequate supply of mineral salts, vitamins and water. The risk of shortages, in fact, is just around the corner.

This is especially true if you decide to have your cat follow a homemade diet, based on the administration of dishes that we have prepared ourselves.

Otherwise, if this option does not suit our needs, we can always opt for the choice of industrial feed. In both cases, however, the quality and freshness of the food should be put first.

Otherwise, in fact, the cat could have health problems, even serious ones, which would irremediably reduce the quality of his life.

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