Ideal nutrition American Wirehair Cat: food, quantity, frequency of meals

Here’s everything you need to know about feeding the American Wirehair: when and when to feed it, which foods to choose.

Consciously and accurately planning the daily meals to be given to our four-legged friend is very important for his well-being and health. In this article, we discover together everything you need to know to make the American Wirehair’s nutrition truly perfect.

Nutrition of the American Wirehair: doses and frequency of meals

Are you wondering what the ideal amount of food to give to your cat and would like to know the best time of day to feed him?

Answering these questions can help us identify the ideal nutrition for the American Wirehair.

In addition to the quality of the foods we choose for our furry dog, in fact, it is very important to reflect on factors such as doses and frequency of meals, relating them to the characteristics of the cat.

The specimens of this breed, despite being very active and playful, are predisposed to the accumulation of excess weight. For this, it is essential not only to avoid calorie snacks, but also to pay close attention to the quantities.

As for the wet, for example, the recommended rations to be administered daily to the American Wirehair amount to 40 grams for each kg of body weight.

The optimal dose of croquettes, on the other hand, must be calculated on the basis of the previous result, which must be divided by 3.

In any case, it would be preferable to contact the veterinarian, who will be able to identify the ideal quantities for your four-legged friend, based on specific factors such as weight, age and health conditions of the cat.

In relation to the frequency of meals, there are two possible choices. The first is to feed the cat food twice a day, preferably morning and evening.

If not, just divide the daily amount of food into small rations, giving the American Wirehair various snacks throughout the day.

What to feed the rough-haired American

What are the foods that cannot be missing in the perfect diet for the American Wirehair?

The essential nutrients that cannot be missing in this cat’s diet are proteins of animal origin. After all, they are carnivores. It is advisable to prefer meat to fish, which should instead be administered less frequently.

Among the most suitable foods for the American Wirehair are: chicken, rabbit, beef, but also sole, cod, plaice and blue fish.

In addition, essential nutrients such as vegetable proteins, fats and carbohydrates cannot be missing, to be given to the cat to a lesser extent.

Finally, the ideal diet of the American Wirehair provides for the supply of mineral salts, water and vitamins, such as taurine and cobalamin, which his body is unable to synthesize independently and must therefore be taken through food.

It is good to remember, in fact, that a deficiency in these substances could cause serious health problems in our four-legged friend.

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