How to pet a Dog

We generally think that all dogs enjoy being pampered and petted, although this is not always the case. Some of them are more reluctant to contact people (for example, a White Swiss Shepherd is usually very suspicious), either because of past trauma or because they don’t know us. The following dog pampering tips can even help you learn a bit more about your pet:

1. Approach cautiously

If the animal is alone in the street, or if it is next to its owner, you must be very careful with your movements, to avoid frightening you or wanting to attack you. Keep in mind that dogs on or on a leash are more likely to growl or bite, as if they are eating or have an object or toy nearby … and especially if they are protecting their puppies!

2. Be up to the task

You can squat or sit down to get close to its level and always face the animal, as it can observe you at all times. Slowly stretch your hand and arm towards the dog and identify his reaction. No noise, screaming or sudden movements. Let the closed hand sniff you so you know what your intentions are.

3. Start with the forehead

The first contact area for stroking a dog should be the head, precisely between the ears. You must be very delicate and pay attention to the signs expressed by the animal. If you seem calm, close your eyes slightly or move your tail because you like the contact.

In the event that the dog does not feel good with the petting, you will know it. He may move his head to the side, growl slightly, or “escape” to another location. Respect her decision and don’t try to get close to it now.

On the contrary, if you feel that there is a bond with the animal and that you are having fun, you can go to pet other areas. Some like to be hit behind the head, in the upper back. Others prefer the contact on the chin or chest. You will have to try until you know what you prefer!

How to pet a familiar dog

It could be your pet or someone’s dog who knows you. In this case, you have several “approved” steps and all you need to do is identify in which areas you want to establish contact. It all depends on the animal’s tastes, so you’ll have to give it a try.

Some dogs like to scratch their stomachs, others who do leg massages, are those who accept petting on the head and those who prefer the chest … We recommend that, even if it is your dog, do not touch not its mouth, eyes or tail, since you won’t like it too much.

Pay close attention to the animal’s reactions, as you “might be inviting” to stroke your stomach as you lie on your back and wiggle your tail, but you make a rather strange movement and try to bite yourself. Don’t assume that the contact will always be friendly.

Sighs, a rapidly wagging tail, narrowed eyes, or a request for pampering are all signs that the dog is having a good time.

An important issue when we pet a dog is the degree of freedom of movement we give it. Chances are, even if they are your pet, they don’t like you hugging them or grabbing them in some way. Therefore, always stroke yourself with your hands and do not use your arms or any other part of the body.

Therefore, to pet a dog, whether it is known or not, you need to move very carefully and identify the signs that tell you whether or not the animal feels good on contact. This way you will prevent him from trying to bite you and strengthen the relationship with him.

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