How and where to pet a cat?

Many times we wonder how and where to pet a cat. 

When we receive a massage ourselves, we know the benefits it provides us, in terms of relaxation, well-being, helping to lower blood pressure, improve circulation in our body, and soothe pain in joints or areas where we have discomfort.

Well, in the case of cats, they will perceive it in the same way.

We are going to explain different ways to pet cats, where and how to do it so that you can help them relax, if they are somewhat restless or stressed, or simply to make them feel better and love you even more if possible. Shall we start?

A quiet place, before petting your cat

Before you start, find a quiet place in the house. It may be where it spends the most time, either sleeping or just watching.

It is important that when we go to massage and caress, both the cat and you must be calm.

If you are not, your cat will perceive it and the massage will not have the results we are looking for. Nor if it is not willing, then we should look for another time.

Talk to it before you start

When we are going to start with the massage, it is important to talk to your cat, in a calm and close way.

Use the tender and affectionate tone, to generate a climate of tranquillity and that everything is fine.

We start with your favourite site

Surely you already know which part is the one that it likes to be caressed the most.

If, for example, your cat really likes you to massage the chin, you can start in this area, with great calm and tranquillity.

If it does not like you to do it on the head or face, better for now avoid being parts.

Some cats reject it, because it is one of the most vulnerable areas, along with the tummy and it is possible that it will go away or reject the caresses.

Petting and scratching on the back of a cat

After stroking the neck and chin area very gently, you can continue on the part they like the most (middle and back part of their back, up to where the tail begins).

If your cat is comfortable, she may squint, purr very slowly, and even begin to move her paws, with slight movements, opening and closing her palms.

This means that the massage is going very well and we have it in a receptive state to continue.

Stroking your cat on the back, a hypersensitive place

Once a state of calm and tranquility has been achieved, and your cat is receiving the massages at ease, it is time to start the full massage, with slow and circular movements and from the neck, all over the back, to where the massage begins. line.

It is best to use the index finger or thumbs, continuously, but if you pause, several times in that same direction.

You can do it as many times as you want, based on their reactions.

Shoulder massages with slow, circular movements

Once we have made these slow movements, but continued along its back, we can continue advancing, higher.

Similarly, with the thumbs or a pair of fingers together, we make very slow circular movements, pressing the shoulder blades.

We can do it a dozen times or continue, if your cat is directly in glory.

Pet behind the ears, they love it

Many cats experience a sensation of pleasure when gently rubbed around the ears and neck-chin.

If your cat likes it, it is certain that after massaging its back and shoulder blades, it is purring with pleasure.

This reverberation will make caressing this area more calm, while you will notice through your hand, this internal purr. If you have reached this point, the massage is going very well.

Where to pet your cat on the gut, watch out

It is time for a slight visit to the gut, as long as your cat allows it or you know that it will tolerate it.

With the fingertips and opening the hand a little, we can make very soft and undulating movements, exerting little pressure and massaging very gently.

If it is receptive to this type of massage, it may turn its belly up to allow it.

We can then make it wider and even go up to the neck, always with very slow movements.

Stroking your cat on the paws and palms

To finish the full massage, we go to the paws. Some cats especially like to have their pads massaged. If you are already relaxed, it will be easier.

With your fingertips, massage the pads, and slide them between your fingers, returning to the pads, with slow movements, with your thumb, to support your cat’s hand, with the rest of your fingers.

This area is as relaxing for them, as the back, because in the only part of their body without hair, and therefore especially sensitive to the touch.

As you can see,  stroking your cat has high benefits for them and for us. Have you noticed when you massage your cat, the relaxing and calming effect it produces on you?

It is proven that when we pet a catwe release endorphins, the so-called hormones of happiness, and it produces well-being and peace.

A feeling of calm, which is appreciated after a stressful day. Find moments for those relaxing massages for your cats and enjoy their company, which will surely connect you with them, in a different way.

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