How to choose the right pet

Pets are excellent companions; They bring us love, joy and happiness, but not all of them are suitable for all types of people. How we are, where we live or what customs we have will influence the care we can give our pet and, consequently, our choice. Thus, before choosing an animal, it is very important to ask yourself some questions; included if we can guarantee your well-being. We will tell you about it in this article.

Before deciding to have a pet you should ask yourself a question: why do you want it to be part of your life? Not all animals satisfy our needs in the same way. If we want to feel loved, the company of a dog will be better than that of a fish. And if we want to be entertained but without leaving home, a priori a hamster will be a better candidate than a turtle.

When choosing which pet is the most appropriate, it is also very important to assess whether we can guarantee their well-being. How we are, the home in which we reside, the customs (and hobbies) we have, the members of the family and the resources we have are issues that influence the care and happiness of the animal.

Remember that this wish should not materialize if it is the result of a temporary whim, especially if there are children involved. Owning an animal means making a commitment for life, something that, unfortunately, not all people assume. Therefore, before buying, consider adoption: it may be the best way for the pet you have been waiting for so long to come into your life.

Choosing a pet to be part of our family is not a trivial decision. Each animal requires different care, sometimes difficult to combine with our day to day. It is not the same to attend to the vital needs of a cat or a dog than those of a parrot or a rabbit. It is convenient to examine our capacities, availability and way of life before embarking on the adventure.

In addition, you must be clear about what you expect by incorporating a pet into your life. Protection, company, entertainment, fun … An animal can bring many good things, including benefits for our physical and mental health. The interactions that are established between animal-human lower cortisol levels, improve blood pressure, reduce anxiety, optimize mood and mitigate the feeling of loneliness. Pets are also very helpful for children; They help them to assume a sense of responsibility, to have more self-confidence and to be more sociable.

Five questions to ask yourself before choosing a pet

An animal is not like a pair of pants: it cannot be returned or exchanged for another garment if you later realize that you don’t like it. Answering these questions will help you know if you are ready for a pet to become part of your family.

What temporary availability do you have?

Calculate how many hours a day you can dedicate to caring for your pet. Not all require the same time commitment. Walks, feeding, visits to the vet, cleaning, games and pampering are part of the usual tasks that must be carried out if you live with an animal. Take this into account before deciding.

What is your house like?

There are animals that need very little space to live and meet their basic needs. Others, however, require more square meters or outdoor areas to run around, investigate or vent. For your pet to be happy it must have an appropriate habitat. Sometimes there is no choice but to give up the dream partner, if we cannot give them the home it deserves.

What do you look like?

Your age, personality and habits have a lot of weight when choosing an animal. If you like to walk in the countryside, doing it in the company of a dog will surely be very rewarding. If, on the other hand, you prefer to spend more time at home, a cat will be a better option. Living alone or with others also influences the choice, especially if there are small children in the house.

What is the pet like?

Although each animal has its own personality, each species shares common traits. Dogs are faithful; the cats, independent; guinea pigs, sociable; parrots, intelligent … These signs of identity must fit in with our personality to avoid conflicts in coexistence. A person who appreciates silence will find it difficult to share its life with a parrot that does not stop chattering in the cage, for example.

Can you keep it?

Having a pet means ensuring its well-being, which translates into allocating a monthly budget for its care. The feeding, hygiene and routine visits to the vet will suppose the biggest outlay. 

If you want a pet, consider the option of adopting

After deciding which pet is the most suitable, it is time to go in search of them. Buying is one of the easiest options, but an adoption is worth trying: there are many animals that need a loving home after being abandoned.

There are many public and private institutions to go to find the new member of our family. Those that welcome dogs and cats are more frequent, but there are also associations that are in charge of caring for and relocating rodents, reptiles, birds or amphibians. Get in touch with them so they can tell you what are the requirements that you must meet and what steps you must follow. It sure is worth it.

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