How to know if your hamster is Pregnant

Hamsters procreate with great ease ; For this reason, you should think very well before having several hamsters of different sex in the same cage. Besides the possibility of mating, they could also fight! But how do you know if my hamster is pregnant? We tell you the signs that indicate that your hamster is expecting babies.

How to know if my hamster is pregnant

If you want to know if your hamster is pregnant, the most obvious thing is to look at its belly ; that’s the first thing you should do. If you are newly pregnant you will not notice practically anything, but of course, day after day your belly will grow; check it every few days or every week. Also, if you notice that her nipples are visible, have no doubts, expect babies!

When hamsters are pregnant it is normal for them to gain weight. We are not referring only to the weight of the babies, since that is hardly noticeable at first! The reality is that a pregnant female hamster will gain weight, as she will eat and drink more than usual. Observe the feeding tendencies of your hamster, they can reveal a pregnancy.

A pregnant female is going to get louder and more active; he will begin to make a nest for his pets with the twigs, wood and cottons that he has in the cage. It will rearrange everything to its liking while waiting for its young to be born and once the nest is finished it will begin to accumulate food there.

If you have several hamsters in the cage with her and they have generally gotten along but are starting to fight, this is a good indication of pregnancy, as the pregnant female becomes more irritable, protective, and aggressive towards her mates.

The gestation period for a hamster lasts about a couple of weeks. When delivery approaches, you will notice that your hamster is calmer than in early pregnancy and that it barely moves. This is normal.

What to do if your hamster is pregnant

If you have detected signs of pregnancy in your hamster, keep in mind:

  • As soon as you suspect pregnancy, it is best to separate the males to another cage. Fights could break out and the pregnant female needs to be calm.
  • Remember to feed and hydrate your hamster correctly . It is always very important, but now more!
  • Leave mother alone. In favorable conditions (most of the cases) she does not need help in childbirth or to start the life of her young.
  • It is best that you stay out of the way during labor and do not overwhelm her. Handling such vulnerable babies could kill them . In addition, touching them will change their smell and their mother, not recognizing them, could eat them.
  • If you see that the female rejects or eats her babies, you will have to carefully remove them from the cage and feed them yourself. It is best that you seek veterinary advice to do it correctly.
  • Learn about caring for babies after weaning. If you can’t keep them, find them a home!

Be responsible. Hamsters reproduce at high speed and many times a year, without realizing it you could have dozens of babies, since when they reach childbearing age they will reproduce with each other. If you are not willing to go through this and assume the responsibilities that it entails, it is better that you have only one hamster or that at least you do not have them of different sex. Avoid abandonment and death of animals!

How Long does the pregnancy of Hamster Last?

The pregnancy of a Hamster Lasts for 20 to 22 days.

Can a Hamster get pregnant by itself?

No, Hamster cannot get pregnant by itself. You hamster can get pregnant only after mating.

How many babies do hamsters have?

Typically the hamster litter is about 4 to 6 babies. Sometimes it can be lower and sometimes it can be as high as 12 babies. Sometimes the mother hamster eats her babies.

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