How to care for a pregnant cat

Having a feline at home brings great joy, and if your cat is also pregnant, knowing that kittens will be born very soon is very emotional. During pregnancy your pet will need more pampering and attention than usual, since it passes a stage in which it needs more care

Caring for a pregnant cat

  • The gestation of cats lasts about two months and it is essential that you be careful with your pet’s diet for the duration of their pregnancy. As the fetus grows, it will have less space in its stomach.
  • You should not give her too much food, we advise you to distribute the food at different times of the day.
  • If you think that your pussycat is pregnant, first of all, you have to take her to the vet  to confirm her pregnancy so that you will know what vitamins you will have to give her so that the puppies grow strong and healthy.
  • Just because your kitten is pregnant does not mean that she has any ailment. During her pregnancy it is important that you continue to play with her as usual, although you should avoid making sudden movements that could put her in danger.
  • Throughout the pregnancy and awaiting delivery, your pussy should have a more comfortable and private place, cool and without much lighting, where it should also have its water and food.
  • You will have to adapt her bed. Move it to a place in your home that has these characteristics. Or prepare a large box with blankets for her to feel comfortable, to sleep and give birth.
  • Your pussy, up to the sixth week of pregnancy, can eat its usual ration once a day, but after and until the seventh week it is better to divide the ration in two, and from the seventh week until it gives birth, it you will have to give in three servings: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. In this way, your cat will eat the same amount, but more slowly, so she will feed properly.
  • During pregnancy it is important that you give her a top quality feed or croquettes so that the kitten and fetuses have all the nutrients they need to develop in perfect condition. This will mean a greater investment, but it will be beneficial for your pet.
  • If you see that in the weeks of pregnancy your kitten is strange, is unwell, has some symptoms that are not normal or you see that her belly no longer grows, you have to take her immediately to the vet.

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