How long can a hamster go without food and water?

How long can a hamster go without food and water? The answer depends on numerous facts. Food and water are essential for every living being. There are some animals that can survive without food and water for long periods of time. These animals tend to store the food they consume in their cheeks or belly. But hamsters are not among them and they need a proper diet and a fair amount of water to survive.

How long can a hamster live without food and water – The sad reality

It is difficult to establish a precise amount of days that a hamster can live without food and water. It mainly depends on the health of the hamster and the care it receives from its owner. In general, a healthy hamster can live without the essentials for about three to four days. But if the mammal has not received proper care from the start and is not guaranteed an ideal temperature during the first few months of life, then it is unlikely to survive more than two days.

Hamsters conserve food and water

Hamsters have expandable cheeks which have the ability to store food for a day or two. But it’s not as big as a camel’s torso, they can’t be expected to hold water for many days. They tend to store food in their beds, which helps them if they are in their cage and not outside their homes. But in the event that a hamster is abandoned in a wild land with no food or water, then this could become a problem for them.

What keeps a hamster healthy

A hamster generally lives for around 3 years and depends on the care it received from its owners during its first months of life. While caring for hamsters, you should make sure they have been subjected to adequate temperatures and protected from extremely cold or hot conditions. It is necessary to ensure that he is not given food that contains excess fat and he should be provided with healthy food such as timothy hay (Timothy Hay) pellets, seeds, fruits, vegetables and hay. You also need to keep them away from water and protect them from getting wet. If the hamster gets pneumonia then there is a risk that it will become weaker. This would cause them problems for years to come.

Steps to take for a hamster that has been without food and water for several days

Once you have found a hamster that appears to be weak and suffers from any type of infection you need to make sure you give them water right away to help them feel hydrated.. There is a possibility that it may be sick and malnourished. It is also possible to purchase an electrolyte solution as it would help provide it with energy. Also, help them stay hydrated. A dropper can be used to administer the solution by mouth. Never push it inside the hamster’s throat as it would hurt them. Since the hamster is in a weakened state, administer one drop at a time and wait for it to swallow before moving on to the second drop. You can also purchase Oxbow ICU from some pet stores or a veterinarian’s office and mix it with water. It is an effective cure for a weak hamster.

Symptoms of dehydration in a hamster

Dehydration can be really hard on the hamster as it can not only make them feel bad but also kill them. Especially during the summer days, the mammal can get heat stroke which can destabilize it a lot. Providing easy access to water is essential to a hamster’s life. But if it is left without water for many days then it will start to feel weak. To get an idea of ​​the state of dehydration in a hamster, this can be checked by lightly pinching the skin around the neck. When you let go of the skin after pinching, the skin should return to its normal position. If the skin does not return to its normal position and it takes time to recover around the neck then it ensures that the hamster is rehydrated as soon as possible. If you don’t know how long the hamster has been dehydrated and the mammal appears to be sick, it is advisable to take them to a veterinary clinic for a checkup. Your doctor will be able to suggest a good rehydration solution that can provide the fluids your hamster needs.

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