The cat does not drink water or drinks very little water: the reasons and what to do

Are you worried because your cat is not drinking as usual or has drastically decreased the amount of daily water? Find out the possible reasons and how to entice him to start drinking again.

Generally cats that enjoy a good state of health regulate themselves in a completely autonomous way for the intake of water during the day by taking the quantity necessary for their needs. But if you have come here reading this article, it is very likely that your feline friend has stopped drinking or you have noticed that he is drinking less at this time. The intake of water is essential for cats, just as it is for the human being; drinking water allows you to prevent dehydration and harmful consequences resulting from it. You can get your cat to drink more by following a few simple steps.

Help, my cat doesn’t drink! Some tricks to entice him to hydrate more

Where to place the water: This should be placed in bowls away from those of the food. Place containers of water along the paths that cats loves to follow around the house or near his favorite places (near the sofa or windowsill, near his favorite plant, etc.). Do not place the bowl near the litter box.

Fresh and clean: Cats are very clean animals and hate finding stagnant and warm water, this could discourage them from drinking. You will need to change cat’s water very often so that it is always fresh and clean especially in the hottest periods of the year.

Use ice cubes: Cats prefer to drink cold or lukewarm water, some prefer hot water too, others like to have ice cubes in the water. Try putting some cubes in the water bowl and watch cat’s reaction; if you’re lucky this trick will encourage Kitty to drink more.

Bowlsavoid plastic containers; they could retain and absorb the detergents used to wash it and give off a very annoying smell for the sensitive sense of smell of the cat. Instead, opt for glass or ceramic containers and trays. It is also preferable not to use the same bowls for water as the various cats in the house. You can also use a trick to stimulate him. Take a new saucer or glass for cat, fill it with water and hold it in your hands inviting cat to drink with you.

Small Source: Maybe your cat (like so many others) loves the tap and the clean, fresh flowing waterYou can buy it a small source, even on the web you can find different types and for all wallets. If the option is too expensive then you can have cat drink directly from the tap at least a couple of times a day.

Nutrition: a certain amount of water is contained in the foods that the cat eats daily, especially wet ones. If the cat still does not drink or does not drink much, consult the veterinarian; he may advise you (if the animal is healthy and has no other problems) to give wet food to the cat two or three times a day, always leaving dry food available.

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