Cat: should the water and food bowls be separated?

If you have just adopted a cat, you may have wondered whether your feline’s food and water bowls should be far from each other. Indeed, you already know that their bowls must be placed far from their litter box. Here is the answer!

Yes, separate them!

In nature, cats do not mix water and food. This means that the place where they bring their freshly hunted prey to eat is always far from where they quench their thirst. It’s exactly the same with where they relieve themselves.

The reason? If their food comes into contact with water, it could contaminate it. And they could get sick or even die. Indeed, bacteria tend to grow thanks to humidity. It is therefore the survival instinct of cats that commands them to be naturally wary of water sources, which are moreover stagnant.

Moreover, if the water were to take on the taste of food, the overdeveloped sense of smell of our feline friends would be upset.

Therefore, at home, prefer to separate your cat‘s food and water bowls. However, there is no need to place them in separate rooms either! They just need to be at least a few meters apart and, above all, easy to get to. Especially if your cat is not a big drinker…

Why does my cat not want to drink? 

The proximity of water and food bowls can be a reason a cat avoids drinking. However, if you have separated them and your cat continues to go on a thirst strike, there is bound to be another explanation.

Your cat may prefer to drink from another container (such as a flowerpot) or directly from the source.

Indeed, many felines prefer to drink water that comes directly from the tap or water from a water fountain because it is constantly renewed. It is therefore necessarily fresher and cleaner than the one in their bowl. Especially since, as we saw above, stagnant water does not inspire confidence in our feline friends.

Either way, make sure your cat has a variety of water sources available. If you live in a house with several floors, a water source must be installed on each level.

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