Funny things that dogs do that make us laugh

Some dog behaviors are just a lot of fun for us humans. Here are a few.

Each dog is a unique being, with its own identity and its own way of being. However, all dogs share some expressions and actions that we find very funny. Below, we invite you to have some fun with us by reviewing the fun things that dogs do.

5 fun things our dogs do

Observing our animals, we will see in them different gestures and games that we will find very funny. Here are some examples:

Sleeping in unusual positions

The positions of a sleeping dog say a lot about his lifestyle, mood, environment, and even his health. For us, though, some of these postures can be a little funny and a lot of fun.

How many times have you caught your dog sleeping on his back and couldn’t help but laugh? It probably aroused your joy to see your friend completely relaxed with his stomach out, his face with funny wrinkles and his paws spread.

Besides being a lot of fun, this position is a great sign. To sleep on their backs, dogs need to feel completely safe and comfortable in their surroundings.

Frantically shake an object when you grab it

One of the fun things dogs do in their daily lives is frantically shaking their heads when they grab an object in their mouth . You’ve probably seen your pet behave like this with one of their toys before and associated it with their enthusiasm.

However, this is primitive canine behavior, which is associated with their natural hunting instinct. When catching prey in the wild, dogs do exactly this motion of shaking it with their head.

For these reasons, we shouldn’t fear or confuse their instinctive behavior with a behavioral problem , such as aggression in dogs.

Chasing their tail, one of the funniest things dogs do

The act of chasing one’s tail is quite common among dogs and can be a lot of fun for their owners. If your dog exhibits this behavior, he is probably attracting your attention or because he becomes anxious to go for a walk  and play.

However, when it becomes a habit, owners need to be very careful . Repeating this behavior daily or constantly is a sign of chronic stress, anxiety or nervousness in dogs.

While chasing or biting one’s tail is one of the most common behaviors in dogs, in the long run, these compulsive behaviors can lead to self-mutilation and damage an animal’s physical and mental health.

Therefore, if you notice that your dog is constantly or repeatedly chasing its tail, we recommend that you immediately take it to a veterinarian who specializes in canine ethology.

Return the ball

The game we play with our dogs where we throw a ball, or another toy, and our friend searches for it and brings it back, is another of the funniest things dogs do. This classic daily activity becomes a source of laughter when our dog tries to grab the object we pretended to throw.

We know that all dogs are energetic and that they love games. However, when we throw a ball or other object at them, we awaken their hunting instincts . For this reason, the classic game of finding and returning the ball is a favorite of all dogs.

Have you ever “tricked” your dog into believing that he has thrown the ball? Many dogs will run after it with all their energy to chase it, until they realize that there is no ball to catch. While other dogs, they look at us with a face of extreme confusion, as if they don’t understand exactly what they should do.

Either way, we find the attitude of our best friends very amusing. However, it is not advisable to repeat this “deception” often , as it can end up generating a feeling of frustration in the animal.

The goal of chasing the ball, like any other game, is to stimulate the animal’s body and mind, without confusing or boring them.

Putting your head out of the window during a car ride

When getting into the car, most dogs immediately try to put their heads out the window. This behavior is completely natural and is due to the dog’s curiosity in detecting smells and stimuli in the environment.

The image of a dog with ears and fur in the wind often gives an impression of fun and freedom. However, it is essential to comply with safety measures, traffic laws and regulations to travel by car with animals safely.

Also, you should avoid exposing your dog to excessive sunlight, wind, or adverse weather conditions . Among other things, to avoid various diseases and pathologies.

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