Cats in danger: 11 things that can harm a cat

On some occasions our cat can run into serious dangers: here is the complete list of everything that can kill a cat.

It’s not just about bad guys who want to hurt our poor kitty with poisoned morsels or nail patties. Unfortunately, there are numerous episodes that are perhaps learned from neighborhood voices: there could be some heartless man who, tired of the meowing or walking of a cat, may decide to ‘execute’ him. But what else can kill a cat? Maybe the danger is right in our house! Here’s what to look out for.

What kills a cat: 11 killer foods

We would never believe that something we eat could be so lethal to our feline friends. Yet there are some substances contained in the foods we usually consume that can be lethal for our cat. Here is a short list that you should always have on hand when you have a cat at home.

Fresh eggs

Food rich in proteins that we consume to regain strength, especially in the zabaglione version. But they can be a real poison for our cats and are absolutely not part of its ideal diet: not for the beneficial properties they contain but for the risk of germs and bacteria when they are fresh. They can also be dangerous for humans, but for cats they can even be lethal. Because? Due to the egg white and also the shell it can easily clog the airways.

Leftover chicken

Have you had dinner with friends and have several chicken bones left over ? If it had been a dog we probably would not have said the same thing, although even then it is advisable to give him only raw bones. In the specific case of poultry, bones can be a danger to their health: they can get stuck in the respiratory tract or break and cut internal organs, causing severe bleeding.

Garlic and onion

It is not a question of simple halitosis: onions can seriously damage the well-being of our cat, even poisoning it. In fact, the consumption of onions damages your health due to the sulfur contained in them. Also pay attention to when we grow onion bulbs in the garden: our feline could take a walk outdoors in the garden and decide to try one. Garlic, on the other hand, is responsible for anemia. If you think that bones are a good remedy for fleas, you are wrong: it is just pure poison.

Milk and dairy products

In humans, lactose can create intestinal problems or obesity, due to the fats contained in dairy products and in all dairy products. Therefore, even in the case of the cat it can cause indigestion and other problems with the metabolism. Let’s forget the image of the cat dipped in its bowl of milk! Except it’s not about taking care of a puppy kitten.

Panettone and Christmas star

It may seem like a strange combination, but after all, even the elements that characterize our Christmas can potentially be killers for our feline friends. Better to keep them away from raisins, nuts and other dried fruit: they could have indigestion and kidney failure. Similarly, the plant with beautiful red or white leaves can be poisonous to our cat: it could cause them to vomit and diarrhea in less severe cases.


Especially its peel can poison our cats: food rich in nutrients for humans is potentially poison for our cats. Beware of Mexican food like guacamole: better not to get the cat’s paw to dip into that green cream.

Tea, coffee and chocolate

The feline’s heart may go too far if it ingests an excessive amount of theine and caffeine. So be careful to leave coffee residues lying around in the cup after breakfast! The cat may lick some and enjoy it. Chocolate also contains theobromine which causes excessive arousal, vomiting and central nervous system problems. It sounds incredible but all products that contain cocoa are potentially poisons! Only 6 grams per kg can kill it.

Bleach and alcohol

Although humans do not usually consume bleach, aware of the toxic properties of the detergent, which of course also applies to our cat, in the case of a good wine or other alcohol it seems difficult to believe. Yet even a small amount of alcohol can be lethal and poisonous for our feline: beware of residues.

Tomatoes, eggplants and potatoes

These vegetables, apparently healthy and natural, are part of the solonaceae and when they are not ripe enough they contain solanine. Serious damage to the digestive system and to the heart, moreover the seeds of these vegetables contain small doses of cyanide which, if accumulated, can create real intoxications.


Non-prescription analgesics such as tachipirina, ibuprofen and aspirin are potential poisons for our cat, while for humans they can be the salvation. In felines they can cause kidney damage and create attention disturbances.


The fluoride contained is particularly harmful to the health of the cat: it can cause permanent damage to the nervous system and, if ingested in large quantities, can even cause death.

Other substances such as mothballs, tempera and various paints or varnishes and of course various poisons such as that for mice can also represent a serious danger to the cat, if ingested. In short, it is good to be careful because our home can become, in spite of ourselves, a very, very dangerous environment.

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