Fever symptoms in cats: here’s what to look out for

Cats like humans can get sick and have a fever. We can notice that the feline is feverish from various signals. Here are the symptoms of fever in cats.

Like humans, felines can also get sick from having contracted bacteria or viruses and the first sign that can tell us that the cat is not well is the presence of a fever in the cat. Obviously the methods of knowing if a cat has a fever are not like those of humans.

So what are the methods of knowing if a cat’s temperature is higher than usual? Below we will tell you what are the main symptoms that cats have when they have a fever.

Fever symptoms in cats: here are what they are

First of all, before knowing if the cat’s temperature has risen, it is necessary to know what the body temperature of the cat is in general, as it differs from that of humans. In fact, the body temperature of a healthy cat is 38.5 ° C while that of a cat with a fever exceeds 39.18 ° C. In the event that the feline has a fever around 41.10 ° C, it is necessary to contact the veterinarian immediately.

That said, the easiest way to know if your cat has a fever is to measure it with a thermometer, but if this isn’t possible, there are various symptoms that can tell you if your cat has a fever.

Cats are known to be very habitual animals so it’s easy to tell when something is wrong with your cat. To understand if the feline has a fever, just pay attention to the following symptoms, both behavioral and physical.


Anyone who has a cat knows that when it is ill it tends to hide in order not to point out its vulnerability. So if you notice that your cat is hiding it could mean that something is wrong.

He does not eat

It is well known that felines are very greedy animals, so if suddenly your cat stops eating it is telling you that it is not well. Furthermore, if the cat’s fasting persists for 24 hours, it is necessary to contact the veterinarian to resolve the problem.

He sleeps more than usual

Cats are animals that alternate moments of rest with moments of play. If the latter fails and the cat starts sleeping more than usual, it means that he has a fever.

Physical symptoms

In addition to the behavioral symptoms there are also real physical symptoms that can tell you if your cat has a fever, they are:

  • Chills
  • Rapid breathing
  • Vomiting in cats
  • Diarrhea in cats
  • The cat sneezes

How to cure a cat with a fever

There are no home remedies to cure your cat when it has a fever, but it is necessary to take it to the vet for the right treatment. The only thing you could do for your furry friend when he is feverish is to give him attention, pamper him and above all, despite the lack of appetite, never make him lack water and food.

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