Devon Rex Cat : appearance, character, care, breeding

But not only from a morphological point of view: it is a cat that demands attention and affection!

The Devon Rex cat has a truly unique morphology in the world.

The Devon Rex cat always attracts the eye for its particular and distinct appearance: some find it elegant, others are almost afraid of it. But what are the main characteristics of this breed?

The Devon Rex cat is recognizable from a distance, with its large, long ears. Despite its curious morphology, this breed is very affectionate and sweet, an ideal companion for those who want a cat to cuddle at home. Let’s get to know the history of its origins, standard physical characteristics and behaviour.

Devon Rex cat: its history

The birth of this breed is linked to an English lady, Beryl Cox : from the love between her beloved cat and a street cat, Kirlee, progenitor of the entire breed, was born in the 60sIt was then a breeder who started the genetic selection procedure, up to the Devon Rex as we know it today.

The first official recognition came in 1967 and, starting from then, the breed slowly spread all over the world.

The name therefore derives from the county of Devon, where its origins are intertwined.

Devon Rex cat: appearance and size

The Devon Rex is a short-haired cat with characteristic large ears and a short muzzle. The eyes are also disproportionate in size, if we consider that this cat is medium-small in size. The head has a triangular shape and all the features are very sharp, almost angular.

The breed standard admits coats of all colors and with various shades and designs, but the most frequent type is blue, brindle, white or  black Tortie .

The eyes are green or yellow, depending on the color of the coat. The male weighs up to 4 kg, while the female just 3.5 kg.

The feet are very small, the legs thin and long. Despite its small size, the musculature is well defined.

Devon Rex cat: character and attitudes

If you love independent cats, this breed is definitely not for you. The Devon Rex in fact loves the attention and pampering in an immeasurable way, always wandering around his master hoping to earn some caress. It lives in harmony with other dogs and cats and is sociable with children. In some specimens the jealousy and possessive spirit towards their master are particularly evident.

He is not used to being alone, so if you work out all day think carefully before buying one. You will risk finding him sad upon returning and crying like a desperate man.

It is a cold cat, so it will not be difficult to find it under some blanket or a warm sweater. This depends on the particularly high body temperature, linked to the absence of a thick and long hair. He certainly does not have a wild and enterprising spirit, he is quite lazy and loves life at home . However, it is a playful cat and is intrigued by any object left around the house.

Devon Rex cat: breeding and care

For its breeding at home you will not have to worry too much: having a curly and short hair, it is not necessary to brush it if not once a week; you will never find hair scattered around the house , even during the moulting period. On the contrary, you will have to pay great attention to cleaning the ears which tend to easily fill with ear wax.

If kept healthy, it lives up to 15 years. Attention must be paid to its diet, as it is particularly prone to intestinal problems . As a result, avoid overfilling your food bowl, as it could binge you and also gain weight.

Devon Rex cat price

When you choose to get a cat, always be very careful: make sure that it has had routine vaccines and that it has been provided with all necessary medical care. The price of this breed fluctuates a lot: it starts from 473.50 USD to reach 1775.62 USD.

It depends on the pedigree and physical characteristics. If you want a show cat, the cost will obviously go up.

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