Can Cats eat Green Tomatoes

Can the cat eat green tomatoes or is it harmful to their health? Let’s see if you can include this food in your diet or not.

Healthy eating is perhaps the most important thing to every cat owner. Choosing carefully and lovingly each food to be offered as a meal is a great responsibility and you are always afraid of making mistakes. Cat, then, is a sophisticated animal, who appreciates good food and expects it to always be tasty, otherwise there is the risk that he will leave it there in his bowl. Today, we focus on the tomato, especially the green one. Let’s see if the cat can eat green tomatoes or if it is risky for him.

Can cats eat green tomatoes?

Tomato is one of the most popular and consumed foods in the kitchen. If we are supplied only with green tomatoes, can we offer them to our furry friend or is it dangerous for his organism?

We often dwell on a food before offering it to a domestic friend. The cat, like the other furry ones, needs a diet adapted to its characteristics and needs. Cat is always intrigued by the scent and sight of the food on the table.

This, at times, can make us worry and we tend to follow his every step between pots and plates, especially if there is confusion and he takes the opportunity to explore the kitchen.

Speaking of tomatoes, this is present in many cat foods and in different quantities. As we have seen in the article cat can eat tomato, not all parts of this food are dangerous for the feline. But does the same apply to green tomatoes?

Green tomatoes are not that appetizing type of food for a cat. The very appearance of this food does not particularly appeal to him. Before the dog can approach and test green tomatoes, it is important to know that they are highly toxic to his body, as they contain a substance called solanine, present in the green parts of the plant.

Ingesting a small amount is not very dangerous, but eating too much can cause cat poisoning right away. The consequences can also be other symptoms, such as vomiting, weakness, disorientation, fatigue, diarrhea in cats and gastrointestinal disturbances.

Unripe tomatoes contain toxic substances such as nicotine and tomatine, whose toxicity decreases as the tomatoes ripen; this substance is even more dangerous than solanine. When the tomatoes are still green, attention must also be paid to the leaves and stems, which are highly toxic to the animal.

Micio and the tomato: knowing to prevent

Tomatoes can be a dangerous food for your cat. There are some features to keep in mind if you intend to offer it to your dog. Here are some useful tips.

When asked if the cat can eat green tomatoes, the answer is unfortunately no. But it is good to know that the toxic content of this food is not so serious as to endanger its life, should the furry one eat large quantities of it. As we have seen, various more or less serious symptoms can occur in the furry dog.

The tomato can develop a form of allergy in the feline, although it is quite rare. For the safety and health of our furry friend, it is best to avoid providing him with this food and hide it from his eyes, always watching over his intentions.

Other symptoms can be digestive upset and stomach pain in the cat. If you suspect that the cat may have ingested tomatoes, it is advisable to notify the veterinarian immediately, to have him checked.

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