Can cats eat Omelette

Do you want to prepare a delicious meal for your furry friend? Here’s how to prepare the omelette for cats, a quick and easy recipe.

The priority for those who live with a four-legged friend is the health of the latter for this reason he does everything to ensure that he can live healthier and longer. One of the main factors to make this happen is to pay attention to the feeding of the cat.

Preparing food for your furry friend can be helpful. Furthermore, cooking for your kitty can not only be a healthy addition to our furry friend’s diet, but it can also be fun. In this article we will see together how to prepare the omelette for cats.

Omelette for cats: a quick and easy recipe

To ensure that our furry friend can live healthy and for a long time, the feline should have the right nourishment every day.

For this reason it could be useful to cook for our Kitty. Today we offer you a delicious recipe for your furry friend: the omelette.

The main ingredient for this recipe is obviously the egg. Although the cat is a carnivorous animal, it is possible to give the cat an egg once a week.

Furthermore, this food is beneficial for our furry friend as it is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is very important that the egg is cooked to prevent the cat from contracting the salmonella bacterium.

Another ingredient we will be using in this fantastic recipe is bacon. It is possible to add only a small piece of this food, as although it is not harmful to the cat, it is still a food that contains salt, and too much salt can be harmful to our furry friend.

Alternatively, it is possible to replace the pancetta with cooked ham. Having said that, below you will find the recipe for the omelette for cats.

Omelette for cats: ingredients and procedure

A simple and quick recipe to prepare: here are the ingredients and the procedure for cooking the omelette for our furry friend.


  • 1 egg
  • 1 piece of bacon or a slice of cooked ham
  • cheese (optional)


To prepare the omelette for the cat you must first cut the bacon into small pieces. Then cook the latter in a non-stick pan.

After cooking the bacon, place it on a plate. If you have chosen cooked ham, you can add it directly to the egg, without cooking it. Then break the egg into a bowl and mix quickly with a fork to create a homogeneous mixture.

Then add the bacon and cheese (optional) to the egg and mix. Put the mixture in a previously heated non-stick pan. In the absence of the latter, grease a normal pan with a little oil and pour the mixture into it.

Cook the omelette on low heat on both sides. When the omelette is cooked, let it cool and cut it into small pieces before giving it to our feline.

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