Can Cats eat tomatoes?

Can cats eat tomatoes or is it a dangerous food for our pet’s health? A question that haunts every owner of a cat. Let’s find out if the tomato can be included in the list of foods yes for him or not.

Anyone who owns a cat as a pet will soon learn that it cannot eat all the existing food. The feline’s diet must be based on healthy foods, rich in nutritional properties for his body. A characteristic of the cat that is immediately known is its need in nutrition: the furry is attentive to the food we provide and, if he does not like a dish, we can be sure that he will not eat it. Many pet owners wonder if certain foods always present in the kitchen are suitable for them. Today, let’s see if the cat can eat tomato or if it is a dangerous food.

Cat can eat tomato: yes and no

There are some foods that we eat often and that we never know whether to provide our cat. One of these is the tomato. If we ask ourselves if the cat can eat it or not, it is advisable to analyze its characteristics well before answering. Let’s read more in the article.

How many times do we happen to see our cat intrigued by the dishes we prepare for us? We often notice him wandering around the table to peek at the leftovers, attracted by smells and appetizing dishes. His interest may please us but we must always be vigilant. Yes, because kitty can’t eat whatever is in front of him. Some ingredients and foods can be highly harmful to your health.

We must be responsible and inquire about any food before offering it to the furry and before he can eat it in secret, away from our control. Tomato is one of the most talked about foods when it comes to feline nutrition. Many are wondering if it can be safely incorporated into his diet.

The question is particular. We can say that the cat can eat the tomatobut not every part of it. In fact, the animal can only eat tomato based on a few factors. Let’s see better.

It can be said that ripe tomatoes can be offered to our cat. This can be eaten by the feline in the right quantity, without ever abusing it. A fresh tomato can be cooked and added to the food on its plate, to complement it.

It is thought, in fact, that the cooked tomato eliminates its toxicity for the cat, making it safe. But of this there is no certainty: others think that high temperatures do not destroy the toxicity of an unripe or green tomato. It seems that the poison of this food resists cooking. We are speaking, however, of a low toxic content.

If the feline is allergic to tomatoes

The owner of a cat must check for any tomato allergy. It is not a very common allergy, but to protect his health it is best to be careful not to leave it in his sight, especially if we are not present. Many believe that any part of the tomato can be toxic and cause stomach pain in cats and digestive upset, or even lethal for them.

Micio and the tomato: what to pay attention to

Since this is a delicate food and with toxic effects for most felines, it is important to pay attention to any allergies in cats and also to those foods that contain tomato as an ingredient. Let’s see more.

If a cat has a tomato allergy, even a small piece of food can risk ruining his health and endangering his own life. On the other hand, ripe red tomatoes can be offered in moderate quantities, to avoid any kind of danger.

More attention must be paid to the search for foods that do not contain tomatoes as an ingredient. Tomatoes feature in many cat foods. We need to make sure what kind of tomato is present in the food we buy for him and in what quantity. Most cat foods contain tomatoes and make sure there are no toxic substances that can poison the cat.

If the dog swallows tomatoes and gets sick, it is usually the animal itself that gets rid of the toxic substance by expelling urine and feces. In extreme cases, a cat risks its life by ingesting a large amount of tomato. For any doubts concerning the administration of the tomato, the veterinarian will be able to provide the best answers.

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