Why is your cat obsessed with the Christmas tree?

Every winter, it’s the same story: once you have installed balls, garlands and other Christmas decorations on the tree and in the house, you can be sure that your cat will be happy to play with them. Like it’s been waiting for Christmas all year just for that. But what attracts them so much? The fact that it shines? What flashes? What does it hang? What annoys you? Or maybe all of these?

Good to know: to avoid any incident, remember to firmly fix your tree to the ground or to the wall. Likewise, be sure to opt for balls that don’t break and garlands that are impossible to swallow.

1. Blame it on the hunting instinct

Imagine that you are in your cat’s shoes. Your daily life is essentially the same, regardless of the season (which, however, does not displease you: you are above all a creature of habit).

Then comes a day when, suddenly, your humans install before your eyes, and on your territory, a giant cat tree: the Christmas tree. Even better, this rather special cat tree not only emits new smells but it is also filled with toys (or prey) – which are none other than balls and garlands – which shine with a thousand lights.

Your first instinct? Throw yourself on it of course! Indeed, how not to resist this temptation which is within arm’s reach.

So yes, you get scolded, but you don’t understand why. And for good reason, it’s your natural hunting instinct that pushes you to drop these pretty round balls and play with these garlands that look like strings.

2. The Christmas tree: a climbing challenge

As you know, cats are excellent climbers. They also tend to look for high places when it’s time to nap.

Indeed, in this way, they can observe their environment and see possible enemies approaching. For them, having a perch is therefore a guarantee of safety.

But what is a Christmas tree for our feline friends? Just a tree! And what do cats do in nature? They climb trees to take refuge there.

It is therefore not surprising that your furball tries to climb your tree, especially since it encounters many toys on its way that add to its happiness.

3. A quest for attention

For the past few days, your cat has seen you actively preparing for Christmas: you wrap the presents, you decorate the tree, the house… And, irremediably, it feels a little neglected. To draw your attention again, it then has a simple reasoning: since my human devotes a lot of time to the tree, we will also be interested in it.

Plus, when your cat accidentally knocks over flimsy decorations, you seem to pay more attention to it. However, even if this attention is negative, because you scold it, for your cat it is still attention!

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