Why are some cats obsessed with plastic bags?

As soon as you take out a plastic bag, does your cat jump on it, or even start licking or chewing it? Do you even sometimes find traces of teeth on your plastic bags? Rest assured, your cat is not crazy. In reality, 3 reasons can explain such behavior. 

Please note that it is strongly advised not to let your cat play with plastic bags. Indeed, it can be very dangerous, even fatal for them. And for good reason, it could easily choke, strangle or even be the victim of an intestinal obstruction!

1. It’s fun

The first reason that may explain why your cat loves to jump or lie on plastic bags is because it amuses them. Indeed, it simply takes them for toys!

And for good reason, the noise the bags make when it touches them, combined with their texture, sharpen their predatory instincts. A bit like cardboard boxes, in short. So the sound and feel of the plastic makes it think of prey moving over grass or leaves.

2. It smells good

It may not be the plastic bags that your cat likes, but the smell they give off! Indeed, cats are known to have a particularly developed sense of smell. However, if you go shopping with your plastic bags, there is a good chance that food odors will remain inside. This may explain why your cat likes to chew on them.

Also, many bags are coated with substances such as cornstarch. Others are also made from animal by-products such as gelatin. However, this can be particularly attractive for our feline friends!

3. It’s a sign of a nutritional problem

If your cat tends to chew on non-food items, such as plastic, dirt, or even pebbles, it may be because it has pica. Pica is an eating disorder that causes affected cats to eat anything and everything. Stress, boredom, a health problem or even a nutritional deficiency can be the cause.

In addition, chewing plastic bags can also be a sign of a dental problem in your cat. Either way, a visit to the vet is in order.

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