Why does my cat often walk on me?

You’re quietly reading on the couch or lounging in your bed when suddenly your cat unexpectedly jumps onto your back or belly. And as always, it tears you a “Pfouf” of surprise. Because your feline may be a featherweight, it still weighs its little weight! But why is it doing this? Does it realize it’s your body or does it see you as an inanimate object? Several explanations can actually make sense of this behavior. Here are which ones!

1. You are on his way

If your cat likes to walk on you, it is not, contrary to what we can sometimes hear, to ensure its dominance over you. Indeed, your cat already knows who is the master of the house (that is to say him). And it knows you know it too.

This hypothesis is all the less probable that, between them, the cats do not step on each other. When a cat is dominant over another, it will rather lick it to assert its dominance or show aggression.

In fact, if your cat seems to take pleasure in stepping on you, it’s simply because you’re in his way. Indeed, if it needs to go from point A to point B and the shortest route passes through you, it will not hesitate for a single second to “cross” you. And of course, it doesn’t realize that it’s not polite to step on people. Not even that it could hurt you.

2. It is a kitten

If your hairball is a kitten, it’s completely normal for them to step on you, or even literally climb on you. Indeed, all kittens go through an exploratory phase during which they need to discover their environment in every corner.

Once adults, they become less curious. But they can still climb on anything and everything, including you. And for good reason, cats are animals that particularly appreciate high places. Not only do they feel safe there, but the simple fact of climbing a surface amuses them!

3. It wants your attention

You may have noticed your cat walking all over you at specific times of the day. For example when you collapse on the couch after a hearty meal.

It then stands over you, standing most of the time, while looking you in the eye. In this case, that means it’s trying to get your attention for a hug, food, or whatever. And it knows that at this time of day, you can’t ignore them.

4. It loves being on top of you

Finally, one last explanation for your cat’s strange habit of trampling on you is that it simply loves your touch. Indeed, from a kitten, it learned that sleeping on top of each other was something pleasant.

So, by settling on you, even over a sheet or duvet, it knows that it will be able to rest for a few moments on a soft and warm surface.

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