Why do cats stretch so often?

Every time your cat wakes up, even after having dozed off for a few minutes, he always adopts the same ritual: it stretches out full length. But why? How does this feel to them? And is that why it’s amazingly flexible? Answers!

1. It improves blood circulation

Your cat stretches almost every time it gets up after sitting or lying down for a while, it’s a fact. And the reason is simple: this gesture allows them to circulate the blood in their body. Indeed, sleep or long periods of inactivity lead to a drop in blood pressure. By stretching, your feline brings its blood pressure back to its usual level.

Just like humans, these stretches will cause your cat to raise their blood pressure and wake up. And when we know that our feline friends take an average of 12 to 16 short naps a day, it’s normal that they spend a lot of time stretching!

2. It wakes up their muscles

When your cat stretches, it also wakes up their muscles, which are stiff when it wakes up, so it can immediately be ready to hunt prey. This is because a cat with stiff muscles cannot run or jump effectively. It is therefore important that they remain flexible.

In addition, stretching its muscles allows your cat to eliminate accumulated toxins, including carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

3. It shows you affection.

When your cat stretches in front of you, especially when you come home, it’s not innocent. This is because it purposely puts itself in a vulnerable position, with its limbs and tail exposed. However, this means that it feels good with you and especially that it trusts you.

And if it shows you their belly during their stretching sessions, it has complete confidence in you. Indeed, the belly contains the main vital organs of your cat…

4. It feels good

If your cat stretches, it’s also because it makes them feel good. Indeed, stretching is a good way for them to relieve the tensions accumulated in the muscles of their back and shoulders. Plus, it releases endorphins in their brain, which creates an overall feeling of well-being.

For this reason, it’s entirely possible for a particularly anxious cat to stretch excessively in an effort to calm themselves down. In this case, stretching is often accompanied by yawning, a sign that the animal is not very comfortable.

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