Why do cats knead

Certain behaviours of cats are really curious, such as the act of kneading, which is a movement that they perform as if it were a massage: with their two front legs they push and move. In Petlifey, we explain why cats knead, the reasons and reasons.

Reasons why cats knead

Many people wonder “why do cats knead blankets”, or say: “my cat kneads me and drools” or “my cat kneads me and gets excited”. Well then we give you the answers to all these questions and many more.

Cats knead for comfort

Pussycats usually knead on soft objects or places such as a quilt, a quilt, a blanket or their bed.

But they can also do it on another cat and, of course, on their human. This is the reason  why cats knead things.

Cats knead why they think they are babies

A sign that identifies cats is the act of kneading. When kittens are puppies, they knead their mother’s womb so that she will pay attention to them, and it seems that this movement activates the secretion of milk in their breasts, which allows the milk to come out easily.

Cats knead because they have been weaned too early

It is customary to say that cats knead because they have been weaned or separated from the mother before the hour.

And that’s why they usually do it when they are adults. Although there are cases of cats that knead without having been separated early from their mother.

Cats knead to mark territory

There is another reason why cats knead, and it is because of the scent glands they have in the pads under their feet.

When they perform the massage, they give off some of their body odor in the place where they do it, that is a way of marking their territory.

Cats knead for comfort

It is possible that the cat’s loving behaviour is a comforting behaviour for themselves. Many kittens, when they carry out their massage, can also lick the edge of a quilt or a blanket, since it looks a lot like their mother’s nipple.

This is the reason why cats lick blankets. Giving them pampering and caressing, playing with them or making them play with its toys is a very good option.

Why does my cat knead me

In this section we are going to explain why cats knead their owners. If at any time your cat gets on top of you and kneads you, you are in luck, since this means that he loves you very much, it thinks that you are like its father / mother.

And if it purrs at the same time and you see its jaw relax, it may go into a hypnotic trance where itmay even drool with satisfaction.

Keep in mind that if your kitten is on top of you kneading it is not only because it adores you, trusts you and feels very comfortable, it is also letting you know that you belong to them. This is one of the reasons why cats knead their masters.

What to do if my cat kneads

If your cat kneads you, as we have explained previously, you should not worry as it is not a bad thing.

Yes, we would like to give you some advice: if your cat kneads on top of you, it is good that you file and cut its nails so that it does not hurt you when it climbs on you. If you don’t, the cat’s nails could inadvertently hurt you.

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