Cats love fish: why, all the benefits, and which types to avoid

Who said cats only prefer red meat? Cats love fish but you need to choose the right one to be safe.

A sea diet for our beloved pet feline? There is no problem: it is enough to know the right type of fish, based on the benefits it brings to our cat and above all to avoid those that could damage it. Cats love fish and it’s no wonder: a cat doesn’t necessarily have to eat only red or white meat. Felines can also find such a meal tasty, although they are quite picky about food. Everything you need to know about the type of fish to choose, what not to be given and how to prepare it in a healthy and imaginative way.

Not just meat: fish in the cat’s food history

Are we used to the idea of ​​the cat eating what it can find in nature thanks to its wonderful hunting skills? It will therefore not be difficult for us to imagine that the cat could sometimes even catch some fish: it was much more difficult to find fresh milk, which is why after weaning they should not drink as much.

It is obvious that even from a food point of view, feline habits have also changed based on what humans gave them to eat. In short, if his owner had procured fish or milk for himself and his family, rest assured that the same food would also have happened to his domestic feline. From the testimonies of the historian Diodorus Siculus, it seems that in Egypt cats ate raw fish as early as the 1st century BC, right from weaning: therefore, catching fish swimming in the Nile was an irresistible activity for cats. But also in Turkey, in the areas around Lake Van, it seems that the local feline breed (the Turkish Van) was specialized in ‘fishing’.

Fish is good for cats: all the benefits to know

In addition to the taste, there are also proven benefits that a fish ration brings to the feline organism: the Omega 3 contained in it in fact improves the appearance of the hair, is useful for the visual, renal and cerebral apparatus of the cat. This does not mean that red and white meats should be eliminated from his diet, but that it is possible to alternate between them.

Fish contains proteins, very useful in both cat and Fido’s diet, so much so that it is often included as an alternative to dog kibble. In addition to protein, fish is also low in fat, so it is particularly suitable for felines suffering from obesity and very easy to digest: just think that a 100 gram ration of fish contains about 120 calories!

In addition to protein and low fat, this food also contains taurine, an essential amino acid for the well-being of our favorite feline. What is taurine used for? Helps the proper functioning of the digestive, visual and cardiac systems. Although it is essential in the rate of cats, cats do not produce it independently and therefore need to obtain it from the food that is given to them.

Cats love fish: the risks of this cat food

Although it will not be difficult to give this type of food to our cats because they are greedy, we are careful to clarify what are the risks associated with it. First of all, a diet based solely on fish is highly harmful because sea food contains mercury which, if ingested in large quantities, can also cause severe intoxication. It is good to avoid feeding raw fish to the cat: it could contain a harmful element, the parasite Anisakis, in its intestine. Better to always cook the fish and preferably boil it.

And then there are types of fish that it is better not to include in your diet such as:

  • Herring: contain thiaminases, enzymes that destroy the thiamine that the cat needs, as well as having many thorns and bones.
  • Shrimps: cats like them a lot but, being alkalizing foods, they can inflame the urinary tract of the cat.
  • Tuna: best avoided due to the amount of mercury it could ingest. If we really can’t give him anything else, let’s at least choose natural tuna.
  • Mackerel, mullet: pay attention to thorns but also to additive residues. If you really want to give some to your cat, make sure you rinse it well under water and cook it: the same goes for squid too.

Cats love fish – which types are best for them

Do we want to include fish in the cat’s diet (without obviously ever giving up meat)? Very well, just choose the best one for him. White fish are usually preferred, such as sole or cod. They are low-fat and low-calorie fish. In any case, they do not contain calcium, so they can be included in the cat’s diet but without exaggerating. It could be particularly appreciated in summer, perhaps combined with some vegetables, obviously to choose between fruit and vegetables for the cat.

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