Why do cats cover their face when they sleep?

You may have already noticed that during their naps, your cat has a habit of covering their eyes with one of their paws in a terribly cute way. Does this position allow them to sleep better? Or is it doing this just to make you fall for it? Answers. 

1. It’s comfortable

We all have one or more favorite positions to fall asleep. It’s exactly the same for your cat. If it falls asleep with a paw on their face, it’s simply because it’s comfortable for them. Kind of like falling asleep with one arm across your chest and the other across your forehead.

2. To protect against light

Although cats love to bask in the sun, their eyes are still sensitive to light. Thus, when they fall asleep somewhere and the sun’s rays are directed at them, they use their paws to cover their heads and thus protect their eyes.

A little as if they had sunglasses or a night mask, in short. It just helps them sleep better.

3. To feel safe

It is well known that cats often only sleep with one eye open so that they can react immediately to the slightest threat. Indeed, in nature, cats are predators but also prey. They have therefore learned to always remain alert in order to never be surprised and thus increase their chances of survival.

However, the hours of sleep (and there are many since a cat sleeps an average of 16 hours a day!) are the times when they are most vulnerable. Thus, they need to find techniques to feel safe and be able to fall asleep peacefully.

For example, they like to sleep in high places in order to be out of reach of possible enemies or wrap their tail around their paws in order to experience a little comfort. It’s exactly the same principle that applies when they cover their faces with their paws. This gesture allows them to secure themselves.

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