Why are cats irresistibly drawn to circles?

Have you noticed that cats tend to naturally settle in places in the shape of circles? As if the round (or oval) shape invites you to take a nap… How to explain it? 

A not-so-far-fetched theory

It all started in 2014 when a user of the social network posted a photo of one of his electrical cables that had unintentionally rolled up on the ground until it formed a circle. So far, nothing exceptional.

Except that he then noticed that his cat was irresistibly attracted by this loop. His feline indeed approached the latter and then ended up sitting in the middle. The user then took a series of photos, titled “Cats Love Circles”, and posted the whole thing.

Then he wondered if this attraction to circles worked with anything and everything. To make sure, he drew a new circle on the ground (which moreover looks more like a diamond) using red adhesive tape. And his intuition was confirmed: his cat also came to sit in the middle.

Immediately, many users wanted to try the experiment using hoops, strings or by drawing a circle directly on the ground. And even if it doesn’t seem to work every time, it has nevertheless emerged that a large part of our feline friends tend to move towards the circles, as if they were unable to resist, the urge to sit or lie down in the middle being stronger than anything.

How about trying with your cat? Here are some ideas for creating circles on the ground, the air of nothing:

How to explain such an attraction? 

Cats’ attraction to circles (or shapes that resemble them) seems quite mysterious. However, the explanation could not be simpler. Indeed, felines love to sleep in narrow places, where they feel contained. This is one of the reasons why they particularly enjoy napping in drawers, baskets, or cardboard boxes.

Not only does this make them feel protected, but it is also a way for them to retain heat. Indeed, when they sleep, cats see their body temperature drop. In fact, it is important for them to find a place to sleep where they will suffer as little heat loss as possible.

This is also why they like to sleep rolled up in a ball. In this position, nothing protrudes from their body, which is very effective in keeping warm. However, precisely, the places in the shape of circles lend themselves particularly well to this position.

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