The most dangerous insects for cat’s health

Do you know what are the insects that seriously endanger your cat’s health? Here is a complete list of them to know and fight them.

Cats can be really in danger even during a pleasant walk in the garden, especially if during the spring or summer period. The cat can give rise to very serious worries, as if it were a child to look after. This is why it is important to know which insects are most harmful to your health and to be careful to avoid them with useful precautions and remedies. If to fight the enemy you have to know him, here is the guide to the most dangerous insects for our feline friends.

The most dangerous insects for cats

Do we believe that our home is the safest place for our cat’s health? We are wrong. It is useless to let the feline live under a glass dome. The most dangerous insects are often invisible to the human eye but their consequences can be really dangerous. Here is a useful guide to know them and the remedies to eliminate them.


They attack in the most delicate moment of the day, that is, during the night. These annoying insects hide between the sheets and pillows and attack by biting the skin. Even in felines they do not cause severe pain as much as they attack and yet the three bites often create three red dots in a row. Let’s notice if around the place where the cat usually sleeps we find small dark brown spots: they are the feces of the bugs, or the undigested blood. They attack more at night because they live in the dark. And they don’t like heat, so the way to beat them is to use a vaporizer that gives off steam over 100˚.

The celery bug

In addition to the obvious damage to plantations, these bedbugs are also quite aggressive on our felines. So it is essential to eliminate them through a specific poison, the pyrethrum: we keep the cat away until the area is completely free from the effects of this powerful anti-bed bug remedy.

Mealy bugs

Elliptical in shape this bedbugs are found on orchids and other ornamental plants. They are visible to the naked eye and with tweezers it is also possible to eradicate them before they do damage to our cats. Or another solution is to create a mixture with ‘ingredients’ available at home: cold water, oil and dish detergent or even brush the infected leaves with acetone for nail polish.

The pineapple mealy bug

If we see a wilted pineapple plant it is likely that the cause is mealy bugs. They are transported along the fruit thanks to the red ants who are real ferrymen. Quiescent oil and a mixture of broken bones, perhaps leftovers from dinner, are an excellent remedy.


There are over 4,000 species, but the most common and insidious are dust mites. These too attack our cat friends and cause allergy and asthma attacks. The best remedy? The sulfur powder to buy in the shops of pesticides and specific detergents.


It sucks the blood and it is difficult to stop its reproduction cycle quickly. This parasite causes swelling and therefore our feline will tend to scratch and cause even serious and bloody injuries. At that point, both lice and infections will have to be fought. Be careful to buy a specific detergent that kills the larvae with a simple shampoo.


They are insects that are found mainly on apple trees, potatoes and sugar beets. With a mixture of insecticide and soap the problem should be solved. There are two species: those of grapes, tubers or potatoes.

The Bracts

They are similar to bedbugs but do not lay eggs and are fought with isopropyl alcohol or with white onion. The species are really many but the most common are distinguished by color: black, brown, California red. In addition there are the Bracts citricola, the one with the cotton cushion, the purple red one, the one with the oyster-shaped shell, the San Jose, those on the walnut tree and in the orchards.

Psylla of blackberries

The blackberry plant is often attacked by this type of bedbug especially on the shoots and leaves. The effects of their action are clearly visible above all on plants: their erosive attack can cause important distortions to the plant, let’s imagine what aggressive effect they can have on our tender kittens. To fight them it will be necessary to obtain a diatomaceous earth that will eliminate these insects.

Taking long walks with the cat in the open air is certainly a pleasant image. If it weren’t for the bedbugs that hide among various trees and flowers. In short, especially outdoors it is good to be very careful and check at home on the way back if there has been any damage to our poor feline.

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