My cat eats insects: is it dangerous?

The cat is a born hunter. Thus, it is not surprising that it is attracted from time to time by insects which make excellent prey. Indeed, a fly, a spider, an ant or even a bug have the merit of moving quickly and therefore make any feline want to chase them. While some cats will just kill them, others will eat them whole. If this is the case for your cat, you have the right to ask yourself if this pronounced taste for insects might not make it sick… Answers!

Most insects are not poisonous

In most cases, eating insects is an entirely natural behavior that is not harmful to your cat. Indeed, the majority of insects that we encounter in our homes or in our gardens are not toxic to them. Thus, they will have no problem digesting a butterfly, a ladybug or any other small animal.

However, it is still necessary to be vigilant. Indeed, worms, bees and spiders can contain parasites that are harmful to your cat. Especially intestinal worms.

In addition, it is better to check the reaction of your feline during the hours following ingestion. So, if it suddenly has trouble breathing, if it saliva abnormally, if it vomits or if you observe any other unusual symptom, contact an emergency veterinarian.

Beware of some insects

It goes without saying, but some insects are more harmful to your cat than others. This is particularly the case of bees, wasps, bumblebees or even hornets. Indeed, if one of these insects were to bite your cat in the mouth, it could be particularly dangerous for them. Especially if it is allergic to it!

Also, if your cat were to eat a lot of insects at once or if it ingested an insect with a hard exoskeleton, such as a beetle, it could be very irritating to their digestive tract. It would then be likely to have stomach aches, vomiting or diarrhea. Additionally, a piece of insect could get stuck in their throat and cause choking.

Certain insects, such as bedbugs, can also be particularly irritating because of the secretions they produce. As for fireflies, they are very poisonous and can cause serious intestinal problems for your cat. Finally, pay attention to the type of spider that your hairball hunts. Indeed, the black widow spider, the mycosis of Narbonne or even the Florentine segestry are spiders that can be found in France and which are particularly venomous.

And watch out for insecticides and other repellents used to kill insects. If the poisonous insects were to end up in your cat’s stomach, it could have serious consequences on their health, and even be fatal to them. Better to turn to natural products.

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