The cat has cold paws: the possible reasons

Have you noticed that Cat has cold paws and are you wondering why? This symptom is a wake-up call so you will need to assess the situation and act promptly.

They are used by Cat to move and climb; but the paws are a very sensitive and delicate part of the cat ‘s body. They must be healthy and always well cared for to avoid annoying infections and redness. Furthermore, the pads must always be hydrated, as they are very sensitive to heat and cold. However, external agents can dry out the skin or crack it for this one continuous hydration, both in summer and in winter, is necessary to prevent the skin from cracking. But why are the legs sometimes cold? The reasons are different; let’s discover them together.

Why does Cat have cold paws?

As mentioned, the reasons are many and we list them in this article. In general, we can say cold paws indicate a situation of discomfort of the beloved feline.

Dehydration: If the paws do not heat up easily and remain cold it can be symptomatic of a cat’s dehydration situation. Usually the temperature must be constant throughout the body, but if this appears generally warmer than the lower limbs, it is an important fact of lack of fluids.

Kitten is cold: when the cat is inactive and the ambient temperature is low, you may notice areas of his body that are colder than usual. The tips of the ears, the pads of the legs and the tip of the tail; this change in the surface temperature of the cat is simply the consequence of the decrease in blood flow in the more peripheral and superficial parts of the body.

Cardiac hypertrophy: in the thrombi- embolism phase of cardiac hypertrophy, thrombi (the situation is called cat thrombosis), can pass through the heart and travel through the arteries, stopping in various points of the body. If they stop (cat thromboembolism), as usually happens, in the rear arteries of the body, the cat will have cold paws, move and walk badly. Also look at the area around the nails; it will turn bluish because no oxygenated blood arrives.

Death: unfortunately yes, the paws become cold when the cat is about to die. The body temperature of a healthy cat is around 38.5 ° C, while it is lower when it is about to die. The moment the heart weakens it begins to drop below 37.5 ° C. If you don’t have a thermometer to measure the cat’s body temperature, the paws are an indicator. If they are cold it could indicate that the heart rate is slowing down.

Also remember that cat’s paws are a natural thermometer. This was an all Japanese discovery; it seems that, to see if the cat is healthy, it is enough to check its paws. If these are too hot it means that the cat has a fever, so you will need to take it to the vet for a thorough examination.

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