The cat has warm paws: the reason and when to worry

Cats also “use” this part of the body to communicate with other animals and with humans. Have you just noticed that your cat has warm paws and you don’t know what that means? Here’s everything you need to know.

Cats use their paws to clean themselves (especially to get to the most difficult to reach parts such as ears, neck, face and chin), but the limbs are also used by Kitty to jump and to communicate with other animals because they release pheromones. It’s not all. Felines sweat through their paws, in fact the sweat glands are located in the latter. This cooling system is very useful to avoid overheating of the cat, especially in summer.

What do I do if the cat’s paws are warm?

You may have noticed that the cat’s paws are warmer than usual. You must know that this part of the body is a real natural thermometer. To know if your cat is fine or not, just touch its paws: if these are hot enough it means that the cat has a high temperature, yes, it has a fever.

You should know that, unlike humans, the body temperature of a healthy cat is 38.5 ° C while that of a cat with a fever exceeds 39 ° C. In the event that the feline has a fever around 41 ° C, it is necessary to contact the veterinarian immediately. The simplest and most direct way to know if your cat has a fever is to measure it with the thermometer, but if you don’t know how to do it and if Cat doesn’t let his temperature be measured, there are other symptoms that can make you understand if Cat has a fever.

In addition to warm paws, pay attention to these other red flags.

– He hides: when a cat is ill it tends to hide in order not to point out its vulnerability;
– does not eat: if the fast has lasted for 24 hours, contact the veterinarian immediately;
– sleeps more than usual;
– has chills, rapid breathing, vomitingdiarrhea and the cat sneezes.

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