The best dog breeds to jog with

If you are a lover of jogging and outdoor exercise, you will probably have a dog following you on your outings. But have you ever wondered if some dog breeds are more suitable than others to accompany those who practice this sport?

For example, if you like to run on trails, the best canine company may be the Golden Retriever, the Poodle, the Border Collie, the Spaniel Breton or the Labrador Retriever . Dogs of these breeds love to run on this type of terrain, with the owner or even in small groups, since they are very sociable dogs.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to run over long distances, more than 15 kilometers, breeds such as the Jack Russel Terrier, the German Bracco, the Dobermann or the Vizsla respond very well.

Consider that …

If you go for a run with your four-legged friend, the climate is a factor to consider. Many dogs are sensitive to heatstroke or on the contrary, if the weather is cold they are not at their best. If you live in a city where the temperature is generally quite high, it is best to go out for a run with a short-haired, more heat-resistant dog.

In this sense, breeds such as the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Fox Terrier , Airedale Terrier or Vizsla can run without any problems.

Instead, if you live in cold cities, the most suitable breeds are the Alaskan Malamute, the German Shepherd, the Siberian Husky or the Great Swiss Mountain Dog.

Do you like running along the paths and getting around some obstacles? For this type of adventure we recommend the company of a Belgian Shepherd Dog, Weimaraner, German Hound, Vizsla or Border Collie. 

If you plan to jog with your dog, don’t forget that your little friend will need to be of the right age to do it.  For dogs of medium or large size, it is preferable that they play sports after they are one year old, if they are small dogs they can start after 8 months .

Sheepdogs or hunting dogs are the best allies for jogging, but those breeds that are a little restless and with a lot of energy to spend are also fine.

Some breeds

Bracco Tedesco: looks like he was born to be a racer, with his aerodynamic body. Maybe he even has a body fat percentage equal to that of a chosen marathon runner. If you are looking for a sweaty companion, this is the best breed. It does not suffer from the heat and resists running for several kilometers.

German Shepherd: selected to be a shepherd of flocks, he is a great sportsman. He has strong legs, a good muscle structure, can maintain a fast pace and is endowed with great stamina. Excellent companions for running long distances.

Siberian Husky : Each year hundreds of Eskimo dogs travel great distances, on sled runs, through the roughest terrains of Alaska. Without doubt this dog breed is able to accompany you in any type of race, without any problem.

Obviously, this breed is comfortable in cold climates . However, they can also get used to hot climates.

Australian Shepherd: They are very agile dogs and can run effortlessly. They would need to do two to three hours of exercise a day; they will probably still want to run when your tongue is hanging out.

Another advantage of this breed is their good character, they are extremely loyal to the owner and very easy to train. This is thanks to their great intelligence.

Golden Retriever : It is one of the most obedient breeds. He loves to please and will always be willing to follow you or to chase everything he encounters. Its powerful legs allow it to keep pace and have great endurance on long runs.

Rhodesian Ridgeback : This dog breed is native to South Africa. Here she was selected for lion hunting, to hunt down and cornering prey before hunters could shoot rifles. It has a powerful and long stride . It is a very elegant short- haired dog and its coat allows it to resist heat much better than most other dog breeds.

Dobermann: They are very athletic and obedient dogs.  Thanks to their short hair they resist the heat and can travel up to 15 kilometers.

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