Dog, the best travel companion

With the arrival of summer, we start thinking about holidays. Every year we enthusiastically prepare to spend relaxing days by the sea, in the mountains, camping or anywhere else… the important thing is to rest and have fun. But this year the family has grown: a dog has arrived. How to organize the trip with your new friend?

You could leave the dog to a friend or family member , but unfortunately it is not always possible. Another possibility is to leave it in a canine residence … certainly your wallet and holiday budget will suffer. So why not take it with you? In this article, we explain why dogs can be your best travel companion .

If the dog travels in a kennel

When traveling with your dog, it is always best to bring a kennel or carrier with you , if the size of the dog allows it. If your pet is a big dog, there will likely be problems traveling on public transport . Many people are reluctant to use a cage because they think it can be an unpleasant experience for the dog. It is not so. Usually the dog feels perfectly comfortable in the kennel . Maybe if he is restless, give him some exercise before putting him in the crate. In the days before departure, let your dog familiarize himself with this new kennel, and that he enters it of his own free will, so when the time comes to travel, the kennel will not be an absolute novelty .

Choose a “dog-friendly” destination

If you have decided to take the dog with you, you must be aware that in some respects you will be conditioned. Look for a dog-friendly destination. First of all , if you are staying in a hotel, ask if pets are allowed before booking . There are many hotels that offer a range of services tailored to the needs of those traveling with their dog. Also inquire about the surrounding areas: make sure there are places where you can walk safely with the dog . Also make sure there are shops where you can buy his food, otherwise you will have to bring it from home.

Do not forget the basic rules of coexistence: you must ensure that your dog does not disturb other guests . All the advice we have given so far is valid even if you have chosen to spend your holidays in a tourist apartment or a farmhouse. Once you arrive at your destination, you must be the first to walk through the door, to leave your scent and to make the dog understand that you are always the pack leader. Enjoy these days in the company of your dog!

If you are traveling by plane with your dog

It is essential to contact the airline in time to find out what are the requirements for traveling with the dog. You need to know that the rules change from one airline to another . If you inform yourself in advance, you will avoid unpleasant surprises at the last minute. Your dog will likely  need to travel in a kennel that will be placed in a specific area of ​​the plane .

Don’t forget to let him eat a couple of hours before starting the journey . Have him do his business before putting him in the cage and make sure he has enough water available . If you go to a foreign country read this article, the European pet passport is just for you .

If you have decided to travel with your dog by car

While not everyone does, when traveling by car it is best to put your dog in a kennel . You will avoid getting distracted while you are driving and,  in the event of an accident, your dog will be more protected . In the event of a strong impact, in fact, the dog will not be catapulted out. Also, should you go for help, the dog would not be in the way. Also think that his instinct is to protect you and that he probably wouldn’t let anyone come to your rescue. Even if it is an extreme situation, it is always best to be cautious and think about the health of the whole family .

Let’s see  how to make your dog travel comfortably . It is important to feed him a few hours before setting off to prevent him from vomiting into the car. When you take a break, let the dog stretch his paws a little too and let him drink. When you stop, you can also give him a bit ‘of food, not to mention that the desserts are absolutely banned . Never, ever leave it locked in the car under the sun, it could suffer from heat stroke and in the most serious cases even die.

If you have decided to  spend your holidays with your dog, you have chosen the best travel companion . Talk to your vet and ask for advice.

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