How to choose the best dog food?

The choice of food for our animal is increasingly difficult given the great variety of existing products. The offer is immense. Considering that it is less and less common for these animals to feed on homemade products , the variety of pet foods has multiplied.

The price is not a good benchmark

Many people decide what is the best dog food based on price. But the price is not the main thing , because the quality may not be great. Quality is the most important thing, as our canine friend has to meet all the nutritional needs he needs. All this based on his age, physical activity, size and personality.

Types of food

Some experts claim that there are three types of food: the so-called economic, the Premium and the Superpremium .

The quality of raw materials is crucial for the overall contribution of the food. By law, the ingredient that provides the highest proportion of nutrients must appear first. Then, the others.

It is very important to look at the percentages and raw materials to determine the quality of the food we give to our dogs.

Purchased, but natural foods

Brands that feature natural dog foods offer few products with whole ingredients , without corn, with more animal proteins and less vegetables, and in some cases without grains. If you want your dog to eat a food completely designed for him, we recommend 100% natural foods. With them we will notice that its coat and its brightness will improve a lot and that the volume of the feces will decrease, since they contain more digestible proteins.

For a correct choice, the best thing is to check the food that your pet assimilates best . It is possible that some of them cause food allergies.


The most appetizing food, canned food, should not be given too often, but used  as a reward or reward . For more demanding dogs, it can be presented to vary the taste of everyday foods.

Canned foods have a much higher amount of fat than dry foods . For this reason, in order for your dog to maintain the right weight and enjoy an optimal state of health, in no case should his diet be based solely on these.

The cans can be useful for your dog if you notice that the dry food is not enough and the animal does not weigh as much as it should. There is also the possibility of combining dry food with cans, but in different meals, because the two foods don’t have to be mixed .

The age of the animal

The age of the dog is also an important factor when choosing food. Adult dogs, for example, need to maintain an ideal and healthy physical state, which they can only achieve with the necessary energy and nutrients. There are some essential ingredients for optimal nutrition, such as taurine, chelated minerals, meat proteins and calcium.

It is very important, as we know, to read product labels well and check the ingredients that compose them.

Puppies need balanced , energetic diets containing diversified nutrients. On the market we will find special foods for their first months, highly digestible, balanced and complete.

In addition,  some brands include ingredients in their puppy food that protect and stimulate natural defenses.

These newborn or few month old pet foods contain natural fibers , immunoglobulins that strengthen the structure of the mucous membranes and increase protection against infections.

For proper development, natural antioxidants improve cell membranes and are very effective against germs.

Food changes

It is always good to remember that dogs do not tolerate too abrupt changes in their diet . As they grow, it is necessary to vary the foods. It is best to carry out the change for at least ten days, so as not to damage the bacterial flora. This is why it is important to choose a good brand of food for your pet.

Your dog’s health tends to be greatly influenced by the food he eats, never forget that.

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