My cat won’t let me sleep at night, what do I do?

Bored cats, not stimulated during the day or not very tired can wake us up in the middle of the night, looking for games or a tasty night snack

The cats are sleepy, peaceful activity they spend about 16 hours a day. However, when night falls, many are the felines that are activated, bored and … they wake up their humans in search of food and night games! To do? Fortunately, the biological clock of the nocturnal feline can be altered, with the help of games for cats , programmed before going to bed, and delaying their dinner time until a few minutes before saying: “Sweet dreams, felines.” Tricks, patience, and humour help.

Why won’t my cat let me sleep?

A cat that wakes us up in the middle of the night may be bored or unstimulated during the day.

Cats are sleepy, and they even spend more time dozing than dogs . A domestic cat usually dedicates between 14 and 16 hours of the day to sleep , spread throughout the day.

In addition, our furry friends do not have a single napping site, but cats choose three or four places to sleep, which usually change depending on the time of day.

Those of us who live with cats know it: felines look for sunny places to sleep ; either near a warm window, on a table, or on a computer that has just been turned off. Felines sleep when they are safe, warm and calm.

But why are there cats that wake us up and don’t let us sleep at night?

My cat wakes me up at night

The wild cousins ​​of our furry life companions explain their late-night habits.

The African feline ancestor of our domestic cats has nocturnal habits , which allow it to hunt with less difficulty.

Although domestication has changed feline activity and sleep patterns, most cats wake up at least a couple of times during the night.

The good news is that we can teach cats not to disturb us and to let us sleep at night!

1. Your cat won’t let you sleep at night? Rule out a disease

A cat that wanders around the house at night, meowing and crying, may have a disease. The first step is, therefore, to go to the vet, in order to rule out medical problems or pain that may be behind the nocturnal restlessness of our feline.

In addition, the sleep cycle is also often disturbed in elderly cats. Behind an insomniac elderly feline there may be ailments such as cat Alzheimer’s , hypertension or pain.

2. My cat wakes me up at night or very early: play games

A bored cat may meow insistently until we wake up. Also hitting the door of the room with unusual strength, with the paws. To do?

Felines, like dogs and people, also have their biological clock. And those of us who share life with a cat, we can alter it slightly, so that its hours of maximum activity do not correspond with our hours of sleep.

The games with cats are an essential tool to achieve this : encourage physical activity of the cat, they get tired our cats and also achieve both they and we spend a fun time. Experts recommend scheduling these play sessions with the cat (with balls, feathers hanging from reeds, or simple feline toys made from the toilet paper roll ) in the late afternoon or early evening. And prolong them until the cat is tired (without excesses).

2. My cat won’t let me sleep: use food (well)

Many people who live with active cats at night are tempted to get up and feed them, in order to stop the animal from meowing.

However, this is not a good solution, since it will not take long for the cat to learn what to do to get a tasty snack in the middle of the night.

On the contrary, specialists recommend using food, but just before (not after) going to bed.

Cats usually rest after feeding, and we can take advantage of it to sleep soundly.

3. Is your cat bored? Enrich your environment

Gatifying our home makes it more stimulating for cats. We can facilitate the vision of the cat outside the house through the windows (always closed and safe, to avoid accidents), with the help of a simple scratching post for cats in height or a shelf.

In addition, synthetic pheromones relax the cat and having a feline companion will also increase the daytime hours of play and activity of our furry companion. Here are ten rules to make a cat happy that will help him sleep better in the process.

4. My cat wakes me up at night: patience, humour and experts

Offering food to the cat in the middle of the night or getting out of bed to attend to it, because it does not stop meowing, do not do our furry companion any favors.

Patience is, again, essential: a cat will not stop waking us up from one day to the next, but weeks or months of perseverance can take to put into practice the advice given, work and a lot of love towards our furry companion. The vet or an expert in feline behavior will be of great help, if the problem persists.

In any case, knowing that you are not the only one to be woken up by your cats helps. It is also good advice to take it with humour.

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