My cat raises its tail when I pet it. What does it mean?

The saying that cats are lonely, surly and traitors (especially by those who have never lived with them) is a fairly widespread topic. And the truth is that they are very social, affectionate, close animals and that when they gain trust and affection, they are one of the most sensitive animals there can be.

Arrived at that level of confidence and when you are stroking it, if you are lucky enough to share life with them, it is very certain that you have observed how they lift their tail and back, towards you , but why does it do it? What does he want to tell you with this gesture?

Cats are very communicative animals

And it is that the cat is an animal that has multiple ways of communicating with us , either by meowing in different ways, through its behaviour or its body movements and the position of its tail .

When your cat approaches, it passes you, brushes you, lifts its tail straight and raises its hips a little, leaning even a little bit on you, tries to tell us something very concrete, it is a very subtle body message.

It might seem that it was a movement of a sexual nature, since it shows and shows its parts, but that is not at all the message it wants to give us.

What is it trying to tell us then?

The first thing they want to communicate with this gesture is trust. It is its way of saying that it trusts you and that he feels safe, but also other factors come into play that we may not understand from a human point of view and behaviour, the exchange of smells to recognize each other.

And it is that for felines in general and cats in particular, the exchange of smells is very important. It is like an unwritten language of recognition. With this gesture, raising its tail, the cat discovers its anal or perianal glands, which emit an identifiable and identifiable smell of each cat. It is its way of saying, “look, it’s me, and I let you recognize me, because I trust you, we are friends” And this gesture, as you can see, is not just a recognition or presentation, it is a gesture that, repeated in a family or domestic environment, determines that they feel affection for us, that they consider us to be family and that they are happy to see us.

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