Dreaming of Cats What does it mean?

Dreaming of cats not only usually happens in people who are cat lovers or cat lovers, but what does it mean to dream of cats? . Anyone can have dreams of a feline

These dreams are related to the subconscious and can have different meanings depending on the events that take place within the dream.

Go ahead that this article is based on a summary of the most widespread popular beliefs.

What does it mean to dream?

Be the meaning of the dream positive or negative. The truth is that dreams are generated from experiences, memories, beliefs and paradigms that we have internally.

Also, they are influenced by stories or events that we hear from other people, which can remain in our subconscious without realizing it.

What does it mean to dream of cats?

The meanings of dreaming about cats can vary according to the context of the dream, depending on how the events occurred within it.

Depending on the beliefs, they can mean empowerment, money, female sexuality, luck, love or even a sign that you have an independent and free spirit.

In the other hand, it is said that they can mean different omens or that someone is deceiving you.

The meaning also varies depending on the feeling that is generated in the person towards the cat in the dream. That is, if it generates fear, fear or, on the contrary, happiness and love.

Some meanings of dreams with cats

  • Dreaming of an aggressive cat : If you dream of an aggressive cat and the cat also scares you, it means that you have problems with unresolved problems or insecurities.
  • Dreaming that your cat is lost : If you dream that you cannot find your cat, it means that you are an independent person and you should not be cautious when it comes to achieving your goals.
  • Dreaming that you save the life of a cat : If in your dream you save the life of a cat, it can mean that you want independence and power in your life, that you are going to achieve what you set out to do.
  • Dreaming that a cat scratches you : If in your dream a cat is scratching or scratching you, it can mean that you are feeling intimidated or threatened by someone or something.
  • Dreaming that a cat bites you : It can express frustration that maybe things are not going or working as you have planned.
  • Dreaming of 2 identical cats : It means that you must find a balance between your needs and the needs of other important people who are around you and are important to you.
  • Dreaming of a 2-headed cat : This can mean confusion. Indecision to make an important decision in your life.

In addition, among the most common feline dreams according to the real statistics of the population are:

Dream of black cats

It is no secret to anyone that black cats are related in some countries to bad luck, according to certain popular beliefs (which come from another era and have unfortunately lasted over time).

For this reason, for some people they tend to generate fear, especially in those who are very superstitious.

However, dreaming of a black cat is interpreted as a negative or positive meaning depending on what you think about them.

On some occasions, dreaming about them may refer to the fact that you are feeling mistrust about yourself or your own abilities. It will then help you make a decision that you are putting off .

Dream of small cats

Dreaming of a small cat can mean a project or venture that you have in mind, which can grow and be successful.

However, if it is an adult cat, but it is small in size, it may reflect that you are feeling insecure in some aspect of your life. It is time to change and overcome those fears.

Dream of white cats

Dreaming of white cats can have several meanings. Among those you can refer that difficult times are to come.

It can also mean that you are trusting people a lot and that innocence that characterizes you could come to harm you in the future.

Dream of many cats

Dreaming of many cats running around you can mean that you are misplaced in your life, that is, you have a lack of direction about where you want to go with respect to your goals or purposes.

This may be because so many things are happening at the same time in your life that you are not clear about what is most important and what requires more attention.

Dreaming of dead cats

Dreaming of a dead or very sick cat can mean that you feel that you are losing autonomy in your life. Well, you are not making your own decisions.

On the other hand, it can also symbolize that you are feeling stuck in your life and that it is difficult for you to make important decisions.

Dream of a gray cat

Gray is a neutral color. For this reason, dreaming of a gray cat can mean that you are a very rational person to make decisions and that you analyze the different situations and options that arise in life.

However, this can bring insecurities and fears to risk making a decision.

Dream About Newborn Cats

Dreaming of newborn cats or that you hear baby cats meowing can mean that you are feeling in a vulnerable situation where you need help and no one is giving it to you.

It may be that you feel unheard or on the other hand that you are having trouble communicating with other people.

These were some of the meanings of dreams, which are related to cats, according to the most widespread beliefs.

However dreams are the product of the situations that you live day by day and the meaning of this will vary according to your perception of things and circumstances, whether good or bad. We hope that you have learned about dreaming about cats , what it means, representations and above all, that you can get a positive message, because deep down, we believe that dreaming of purrs is always good, don’t you think? Have you ever dreamed of cats? Share it with the world!

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